2020 Interior Design Trends for Renters

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When you’re renting an apartment, it can be difficult to refresh your space without losing your deposit. You’re often stuck with the existing style, even if it doesn’t match your own aesthetic. We’ve done the work to gather the best 2020 interior design trends in one place so you can do a home refresh this spring without causing any damage to your apartment. Check out this list to see what’s in and what’s out in 2020.

Out: Macrame Wall Hangings

While we loved this trend a year or two ago, it’s become overdone. Everywhere you look, there’s a neutral, boho wall hanging in every corner. Now that they’re being mass-produced and you can find them at any decor store. We’re sad to say that this trend is on its way out.

In: Texture

We’re never going to stop loving adding texture to our home, even if we’re no longer loving that specific style. Texture is one of the interior design trends that we don’t think will be going away any time soon. Try layering different textures and materials to give your home a cozy feel. Go beyond the upholstery and throw pillows, and add texture everywhere from knick-knacks to patterns.

If you still are loving the macrame wall hangings trend, buy one from a local artisan instead of a mass retailer to give your home an authentically handmade touch. Plus, you’re supporting the local economy and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece to make your home more unique.

Out: Neon Lights

Who doesn’t love a great neon sign? Well, in 2020 we’re calling this trend officially over because we see them everywhere. Can you even call a coffee shop or bar trendy without some neon?

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In: Playful Lighting

We’re still loving adding a touch of playfulness to our lighting, even if it’s not spelling out a word or phrase in neon. We’re loving lighting made of shell and this floor lamp with a fringe accent. We also love adding pops of lighting everywhere in your space. The more lighting the better! Especially with soft, ambient glow, lighting can keep your space feeling ultra-cozy and change the atmosphere.

Out: Boxed Stores

Ever walk into a friend’s apartment, and some of the pieces look suspiciously similar to your own? While everyone loves shopping at Ikea, Target, and Amazon, our 2020 interior design trends challenge is to step outside the conventional and find your own style.

In: Sustainable Shopping

Unique items from vintage and thrift are always a great choice, even though the cost may vary greatly from those at mass retailers. This way of shopping has always been the choice of hipsters and eco-warriors, but it’s making a comeback for home-good seekers of all kinds. Investing in quality vintage items and unique pieces that you curated gives your home an undeniable sense of personality and charm.

Out: Subway Tile

It’s the backsplash known around the world – the subway tile. While so many people have invested in this style, we can see it’s popularity waning as we make way for new looks.

In: Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are a great way to add dimension and personality to your space. Try them everywhere from the walls to the floor, and even yes, the ceiling! If you live in a rental, it can be difficult to change out tiling to give your space a unique look. Try bold removable tile stickers for a fresh perspective on your space.

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Out: Minimalism

It’s been a minute since minimalism took hold in the design world. Everywhere we go, we see very neutral interiors with a small pop of personality, greenery, or warmth. While beautiful, we’re excited to move on from this simple and overly refined look.

In: Maximalism

2020 is the year of maximalism and we are here for it. From bold patterns to bright colors, this is the year to take risks with your interior and experiment with infusing some big personality. But, just because maximalism is on trend doesn’t mean clutter is fashionable. Get some of the extra items out of your apartment to make way for new interior design trends. If you live in NYC, Simplify Storage is an affordable solution to keep your home clean and organized.

Out: Accent Walls

If re-doing an entire room is outside your budget, we understand why going for an accent wall may be tempting. But, we think this trend is on the outs for good. Just like we’re seeing a resurgence of maximalism, the single accent wall is headed out the door because it’s just not bold and unique enough.

In: Bold Wallpapers

Splurge for a bold patterned wallpaper. If you’re living in a rental, removable wallpaper can still give your space a nice touch of individuality. But, if it’s too expensive for an entire living room, try a smaller space like the bathroom that can still get serious style points without breaking the bank.

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