5 Home Renovation Tips for an Easy and Successful Remodel

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5 Home Renovation Tips for an Easy and Successful Remodel

There’s nothing quite like pulling off a home renovation. Scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect look for your home is the fun part, but the logistics can become overwhelming quickly when you don’t plan ahead. When it comes time to budget, plan, and execute a large scale project, here are five home renovation tips to help your remodel run smoothly.

Know Your Home

There will be certain limitations with your current home that you’ll need to address or worked around throughout the renovation process. For example, which walls are load bearing? Are there any electrical, plumbing, or structural issues that will need to be addressed to make the home easier to resell? Be sure to consult a professional early in the process so there are no surprises down the line. Finding an unexpected issue is an easy way to blow a budget.To make things even easier use a platform like Sweeten, who will match you with a general contractor suited to your needs.  

Function For Your Family

If you’re renovating the family home, think about how your home truly functions and what it needs to run smoothly. Do you find yourself struggling to stay organized? Be sure to prioritize built-in storage. Does the home feel cramped? Open it up to have more space for gathering as a family. As you’re designing the new home, make a wish list attributes in order of priority for the perfect space and then see what items can fit in the budget.

Home Renovation Job

Offsite Storage Solution

Throughout the renovation process, having off-site storage is essential to staying organized and sane. Especially in New York City, we understand how limited your storage space can become when there’s a construction site throughout your home. Simplify Valet Storage makes the process easy by coming directly to your home to drop off and pick up our signature bins. This eliminates the need to travel back and forth to a storage unit during the renovation process. With all that time you’ll save, you can focus on keeping track of your project.

Our team takes your items to a climate-controlled, secure facility, and your stuff will remain protected until you’re ready to request a drop-off. There are no long term contracts, so you can store only as long as you need it. Get a quote today.

Room by Room

When you’re conquering a whole-house project, start in a single room. By focusing on one small project at a time, you will help you stay sane and also help keep your budget under control. Plus, you won’t have to fully move out of your home during the renovation, saving costs on hotels, Airbnbs, or couch surfing for temporary lodging.

Ask Advice

In your circle of friends, there are likely so many people who have done a home renovation in the past. Everything from contractor recommendations to logistical tips are things you can crowdsource from your network. There’s no doubt that your friends, family, and coworkers have already seen the good, bad, and the ugly. Avoid pitfalls by asking for help and getting home renovation tips from your trusted network.

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