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When thinking of New York City real estate, the first two words that come to mind are often expensive and small. For those of you living in Queens, you’re acutely aware of this fact with the average apartment renting for $2,557 for just 711 square feet. When you live in New York, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your space. Just because you live in a small apartment or home doesn’t mean you need to downsize your life. Here are some organization ideas that you won’t need to visit a Queens storage unit to achieve.

Use Vertical Space

When you don’t have the square footage to work with, vertical space is your best friend to store your possessions. Invest in taller shelves, add bed risers, and fully leverage space in the top of a closet and above cabinets. Every inch of vertical space will help you stay clutter-free!

But, when using open storage concepts, like bookshelves, you may have a hard time curating the look you want in your apartment. Although you’re maximizing storage, you’re also displaying many of your items, some of which are for utility and not style. Be sure to purchase bins and baskets that can help conceal the unsightly items you don’t want on display.

Bring the Storage Unit To You

Valet Storage is one of the newest trends, but it has serious staying power as one of the most convenient ways to store your possessions. With this service, the storage company will come directly to your home to pick up items and drop them off when you’re ready to have them back. Instead of lugging your possessions across town to a storage unit, valet storage is ultra-convenient and time-saving. To learn more about Simplify Storage, a leading New York company with service in Queens, click here.

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Be Picky About What You Keep

Keep everything that supports your hobbies and that reflects your personality, but lose the extra weight, like paperwork, old clothes, and things you just don’t love anymore. It’s all about maximizing your space for the items you really want. Getting rid of unused things can not only make your house feel cleaner but makes you feel like there’s less to worry about. Plus, cleaning your apartment becomes easier when there are fewer items to worry about.

Start in one closet or with one type of item. If you own a lot of stuff, it can quickly become overwhelming if you try to go through your entire apartment in one day. Break it up into smaller, manageable sessions.

When you’ve determined which items you’re ready to part with, items, try to sell them instead of sending them straight to trash or donation. While it can take a little extra work, it’s worth recouping some of your investment. Apps like Letgo or Facebook Marketplace are great ways to get started.

If you do want to donate, be sure to check into the organization. Local shelters or nonprofits are often searching for donations of clothes, toiletries, electronics, and more.

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