Balancing Kids and Work: Simplify Being a Working Parent in NYC

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Balancing Kids and Work: Simplify Being a Working Parent in NYC

Young people across the country are flocking to city living, rather than suburban areas. Even parents are moving into city limits more frequently, with an appreciation for culture, diversity, art, and added independence that comes with raising children within a city’s center. However, this also poses several challenges for parents to balance the busy nature of the city with spending quality time with children. For parents in NYC, there are a few ways to streamline everyday chores to maximize parental time with children. Read more for a few tips and tricks on being a working parent in New York City:


When you think subscription boxes, the first that come to mind are often makeup, workout gear, or other non-essential luxuries that feel like a treat when you receive them. However, subscriptions also extend to basic household necessities, allowing you to simply set up the frequency of delivery, and forget about your routine shopping. For example, Amazon offers subscriptions on numerous household items, and you receive discounts for having multiple items in a single month. Who wants to take the time to shop for basics like toilet paper as a working parent?

And if you must enter a store, be sure to check for convenience adding services like site-to-store or delivery. Many places will allow you to order online and simply pick up or have partnerships for delivery with Postmates, UberEats, Seamless, and more. These types of services are especially helpful for groceries because you order only what you need and avoid in-store splurges.

Parenting Groups

Especially if this is the first child you’ve raised in a busy city, parenting groups can be a time saver in their own right. When you’re doing crucial research, like schools, daycares, or activities, other parents are a great resource for information on the best available near you. For single moms or dads, these types of resources can be especially valuable as a source of potential babysitters and help to get to and from school.

But finding the right parenting group can also be a challenge. Ask some trusted parents in your social circle if they’ve joined these types of groups and their experience. When you’re picking out a group, look for supporting and helpful people, rather than those who can be judgmental or critical of your choices.

There are also many resources on the web, including blogs like A Child Grows. This website is a great place for support, ideas, and connections specifically for parents in Brooklyn.

Cleaning of Playroom

Valet Storage

There are likely several items you’re saving to pass down to your children at a later date. Things like family heirlooms and keepsakes might be taking up space in your home. When you’re a busy working parent, things like valet storage can streamline your organization process and save you time and money. Simplify Valet Storage is a service that sends someone to your home to pick up items for storage, eliminating the need to travel to and from a storage unit. Just pack up your items in a bin provided, and the company will come to pick up your bins on your schedule. With Simplify Valet Storage, every item is taken to a climate-controlled, secure facility until you’re ready to be reunited with your items. Get a quote today!


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