Bike Storage Ideas for New York City Cyclists

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Bike Storage Ideas for New York City Cyclists

New York City is full of transportation options, and none are more affordable than biking. Paying just a one-time cost for a bike can be really appealing when a swipe on the MTA can cost $3 a pop. But, bikes are also difficult to store and maintain in a small New York City apartment. Here are a few bike storage ideas for New York City cyclists.

Bike in Apartment

Freestanding Bike Rack

Try a freestanding bike rack in your entryway. Not only will you get your deposit back since you won’t be drilling holes, but you can also make your bike a piece of decor. If you live in a two-bike household, this will change the game for small-space living. By stacking rather than taking up valuable floor space with two bikes, you’ll reclaim some additional room for other furniture and less tripping over bikes in your entryway.

There are also several other bike storage ideas where you can hoist the bike up into your rafters or drill holes in the wall to secure it. However, these vary by what you’re allowed to do to your home or apartment. If permitted by your apartment management, look for more customizable solutions like these, where you can really reclaim your floor space.

Clean Out Your Closets

By eliminating some clutter in the apartment, you can free up space to more easily store your bike in an entryway closet. An entryway closet is perfect, because your bike will be handy when you need it, but won’t be in the way. Go through your current closet setups, and see if you can rearrange or downsize items to make way for a bike.

Store It Offsite

Especially during the winter, you may not be using your bike as often. Store it offsite for the season with Simplify Storage, a valet storage company that provides flexible and affordable options to store your items. The company can accommodate bulky and awkward items like bikes, and even hand-delivers your possessions when you’re ready to have them back. This service starts at just $15 per month for bikes.

Check with Your Apartment Building

You may not have caught all the apartment features when you moved in! Many apartments have bike storage or extra space available for tenants. Your landlord may have some bike storage ideas in your building. They may also have some restrictions to keep in mind and can save you headaches and conflict down the road.

bicycle in apartment

Sell Your Bike and Use Citi Bike

If you rarely use your bike, why not just sell it? If you’re finding that owning a bike is more of a burden and you’re not a serious hobbyist, you can always get your fix by using New York’s readily available Citi Bikes. A single ride 30-min ride is just $3 with daily and monthly passes also available for those looking to commute with the bike on a regular basis.

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