Brooklyn Storage Ideas and Solutions

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Brooklyn Storage Ideas and Solutions

As a Brooklyn resident, you understand the value of making the most of your apartment’s space. Did you know that the average Brooklyn apartment is listed at 645 square feet and rents for $2,940 a month in 2019? With prices and square footage like that, it’s important to find inexpensive solutions to keeping your apartment organized. Here are some budget-friendly Brooklyn storage ideas and solutions to declutter your place.

Organize Clothes and Fabrics

There are so many inexpensive and efficient ways to store items in your apartment, including, space bags. These handy storage solutions compress your clothes and fabrics, leaving more room inside closets and bins. Different types of these bags are compressed either by vacuum or pressure. You also get the benefits of an airtight seal, eliminating the risk of dirt, dust, and mildew. Try storing your winter clothes in space bags during the summer and vice versa. For a full list of ideas on storing winter or bulky clothes, click here.

Shelves filled with clothes

Valet Storage

You may have never heard of the term “Valet Storage,” but it’s one of the newest and most convenient ways to store your possessions. With this service, the storage company will come directly to your home to pick up items and drop them off when you’re ready to have them back. There’s no lugging your items through busy public transportation or renting a vehicle to get your stuff to a storage unit. To learn more about options for storage in New York City, click here

Blue Simplify bin filled with clothing

One of the most affordable solutions, Simplify Storage, starts at just $30 a month for five spacious bins. Get storing today.

Downsize Your Possessions

Owning fewer items is key to feeling organized and decluttered. Before moving into your apartment, consider what furniture you really need. Having too many bulky items in a space can make it feel cramped. If you have extra furniture, try to sell it and get a little spending money. It’s becoming easier than ever to sell items online with the introduction of services like Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and OfferUp. These simple solutions can quickly help get rid of unneeded stuff. Plus, you’d be surprised what people are willing to buy, even if it’s for just a few dollars. For a full list of downsizing ideas and tips, click here.


Decluttering Your Space

An organized bedroom

Many of us will swap out decor as it goes out of trend, but do you actually get rid of your excess decorative items? The first step to decluttering is eliminating duplicates. And just like with downsizing furniture, you can sell these extra items for a little cash. For example, you may swap out your shower curtain as you get tired of the style. Get rid of that old item, instead of letting it take up space in a box.  Unless you have several bathrooms in your home, you don’t need two shower curtains. Eliminating everything from extra towels to unused kitchen appliances is a great start to reducing the amount of stuff in your home. Learn more about decluttering your home here.

Vertical Storage

Frying pans hanging from the wall vertical storage

While most Brooklyn residents don’t have the square footage to spare, vertical space is often underutilized. By using wall space, you can add both style and function to a room. For example, tall bookcases, high shelves, and pegboards are great ways to maximize vertical space. If you own a stylish bike, skateboard, or other hobby-gear, display it as an art piece and functional fixture in your home. You’ll save floor space and show off your personality to your visitors.

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