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New York apartments are notoriously small, and the last thing you want to do is trip over items when you’re trying to relax and study. Whether you’re getting ready to move out for the semester or tidying up to maximize your space, extra storage for students is a must-have. Here are our top pieces of advice for students, including how to stay organized, the best student storage solutions, and tips for moving in and out of apartments.

Space Saving Ideas

Modular Furniture

Why buy furniture for a single purpose when you can turn them into bonus space savers? There are tons of products on the market from convertible coffee tables to modular sofas that can help maximize your apartment space.

Buying furniture with wheels or casters also will help you quickly modify your space. Try adding utility carts for extra flexible storage. Not only are these great bar carts or bedside tables, but a utility cart can hold items for any number of hobbies, makeup, pantry items, and so much more.

Tension Rods

Add more hanging space with one quick step. With a tension rod, you can take small spaces and turn them into tons of extra usable storage. Either use the tension rod to hang scarves or other clothes, or buy S hooks for purses, accessories, or any other lightweight item. Be sure to buy a heavy-duty tension rod with a higher weight rating to eliminate slipping and falling.

Wall Space

We know you won’t want to put holes in your walls in order to avoid housing damages, so try some non-permanent wall storage. Command hooks are a great addition to add space for purses, backpacks, towels, accessories, and much more. Outfit the inside of your closet and the doors with hooks galore to keep all your items off the floor and organized with a designated place for everything.

student storage ideas

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Roommate Cooperation

The easiest way to organize your apartment is to get all your housemates on the same page. If you’re living with a roommate or two, it’s important to define separate spaces and be honest with each other about living style.

When you first move in, be sure to sit down and divide up cabinets, shelves, drawers, and more. Plus, check-in regularly with how the apartment is functioning so that small arguments don’t escalate unnecessarily. Be sure to discuss everything from space division to groceries and whether it’s ok to borrow each other’s items.

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student storage ideas

Student Storage Solutions

Instead of trying to find extra space in every corner of your apartment, store unneeded or out of season items offsite. This way, you can keep your extra stuff out of sight and out of mind. While a traditional storage unit may be useful for some students, it can be difficult to lug items across town on public transportation.

Valet storage is a great solution, especially for students, because of the convenience. With valet storage, a team member will come directly to your home to pick up and drop off items. Plus, Simplify Valet Storage is an affordable option starting at just $30/mo with no annual contract. Get a quote today.

Moving Tips

Student storage space in New York is so cramped already that it’s important to routinely go through your possessions. You’ll accumulate tons of items across a semester that won’t fit in your room. Before you leave for the semester, be sure to do a major purge of all things you don’t really need, including clothes, paperwork, school supplies, and other odds and ends.

Start early on creating piles to donate, trash, and sell. The sooner you start, the easier the move out process will be! For a full list of moving out tips, click here.

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