Create Your Own Urban Garden in NYC

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Create Your Own Urban Garden in NYC

When you live in New York City, having an apartment with outdoor space is a luxury. Many of us never consider growing produce at home. But, you don’t have to live in the suburbs with ample yard space to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Plants don’t need much space, so if you have a windowsill, that will be plenty to get your garden started. With a few tips and tricks, creating your own urban garden can make your home feel fresh year-round.

Container Gardening

It’s unlikely that you’ll have an actual backyard to start a garden in New York City, so you’ll want to use the container gardening method. This simply means that your plants are in pots, rather than in the ground. When choosing a soil, be sure to choose high-quality gardening soil and check the label before purchasing. Most soil packages give you an idea of the best use and what kind of plants will thrive with the mixture. 

As you germinate your seeds, you may need a seed-starting soil mix. Keep the pot in a warm place until you see the seed sprouting. Then, switch to regular potting soil when the plant matures. It’s also crucial to have good drainage in the pot not just when your plant germinates, but throughout its life to prevent wet feet. For more information on germinating vegetable seeds, click here

It’s also important to give your plant the right nutrients. To give your plant the best chance of success, add some plant food that’s specifically labeled for vegetables. Be careful to follow the instructions exactly. Applying too much fertilizer can cause plant burn, where it becomes stressed and the leaves brown.

Container plants in Apartment

Patio Gardening

Using patio space for plants all comes down to planning ahead. When you get started with your urban garden, it’s important to understand what kind of sun you get on your patio and how much. For example, is your patio on the west side of the building? Does it get direct sunlight? Once you understand your patio’s sunlight, you can make a better selection of plants that will thrive in that environment.

Indoor Herbs and Veggies

If you don’t have ample outdoor space, a larger window will be just fine to get some indoor veggies and herbs growing. Plus, you also have more control over the climate when you bring the plants inside. Here are 9 vegetables you can grow indoors

Herbs Grown in Apartment

Again, be sure to understand the amount of light that the window receives before selecting plants. You may need special equipment to get these plants growing if your apartment doesn’t receive enough light throughout the day. Many vegetables require 6-8 hours of sunlight, so you might need to add some strategically placed grow lamps.

Celery plant in apartment

Window Box

If allowed by your apartment, having a window box is the perfect indoor/outdoor hybrid. It’s at an arms reach to water your plants, but it’s also easy to bring your plants indoors when the conditions turn unfavorable. Plus, you can get an inexpensive window box from any hardware store. Check out these options from The Home Depot.

Indoor plants

Store Gardening Supplies in the Off Season

Even with the best urban garden, you may only grow produce during part of the year. Get the extra supplies out of your apartment. With limited space in New York City, decluttering every square foot helps you have the most pleasant living environment. Check out Simplify Storage, one of the most convenient and affordable options for home gardeners. We come directly to your home to pick up your items for storage and drop them off when you’re ready to have them returned. Your storage can be requested and items inventoried online. Learn more here.

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