Delivery Services New York City Residents Rely On

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Delivery Services New York City Residents Rely On

Today, everything we need is on-demand. From the tv we watch to the way we order food, our phones are a gateway to tons of different services. There is even a monthly pickle delivery subscription. We kid you not. When you’re based in NYC, you know how these valuable services can make life easier. With limited free time and taking public transportation with your shopping hauls, delivery services can be a lifesaver. Here are the top on-demand and delivery services New York City residents use to save time.

Food Delivery

Seamless and UberEats are likely already in your go-to list of apps. There’s a hack you might not be aware of. On Reddit, several threads have appeared where users post active codes to get cheaper food delivery services, including free delivery and discounts on your purchases. Users will share the dates and location where the code worked, allowing you to easily sift through codes to find discounts for you.

Postmates is another popular app, similar to Seamless and UberEats, but it offers several stores you might not find on the other services. You can find groceries, electronics, and clothing from places like Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, Lululemon and more – all from one app. If you’re a serious delivery fan, Postmates now offers an unlimited plan for an annual fee.


If you’ve ever looked at Instagram, there’s no doubt you’ve seen celebrities and ex-Bachelor contestants unboxing the FabFitFun subscription delivery, but there are tons of different options for clothing and accessory delivery.

Stitch Fix is a relatively low commitment box where you’re paired with a stylist. They select pieces based on your style profile, your history with the stylist, and your input on upcoming occasions where you may need an outfit. We love this option because you can order when you want with no cancellation required or hoops to jump through.

If you have a more formal event like a wedding approaching, don’t forget about RentTheRunway. A designer dress is only a few clicks away and saves lots of money off the sticker price. They have begun offering an unlimited package, where you can rent four dresses at a time and return them when you want while paying a monthly subscription fee.

Ride Services

We’ve all used Uber and Lyft, but there are new peer-to-peer car rental and transportation services available on the market. First, Via is a new option for ride-sharing available in NYC, and it’s cited to provide its drivers with more take-home pay than some of the other major services.

If you need to get out of town for the weekend, new services like Turo and Getaround might cost you less than a rental car. And if you’re one of those rare New Yorkers who owns a vehicle, renting or driving for ride-sharing services can be an excellent way to recoup the cost of ownership.

Home Chef and Cooking

If you like to cook, but just don’t have the time to go purchase all the ingredients and worry about food waste, you’d love BlueApron or HelloFresh. These two food box services will deliver ingredients to your door based on the recipes you select and can customize to your dietary preferences. PSA: Both services now deliver wine.

There are other services too that make meal prep easy, like Daily Harvest.

On-Demand Storage

Valet storage is a relatively new concept and offers on-demand storage solutions. Simplify Valet Storage is an NYC-based service that’s dedicated to helping customers save time and money. We drop off bins. You fill the bins with the items you want to store and simply set up a pickup time. Our team handles the rest of the task, including transporting your items to a climate controlled, state of the art facility, and returning them when you want to have them back. There’s no annual commitment and no hassle for you. Learn more today.


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