Downsizing Your Home to Apartment Living In NYC

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Downsizing Home to Apartment Living in NYC

When the kids move out or you find yourself with too much square footage for your current needs, many people find themselves downsizing to an apartment. In New York City, we understand how hanging on to unneeded real estate can be expensive. Downsizing can also be a difficult transition if you have collected a lot of items, large furniture, and are used to the extra space. If you’re downsizing your home to apartment living, keep these tips handy for easy moving and storage solutions:

Downsizing Your Home Furniture

Before you move all your item, measure furniture to be sure it will fit in the new apartment. A big sectional might be comfortable in your current home, but cumbersome in a smaller living room. No one wants to find themselves staring down a small doorway with a huge sofa in hand.

Take an inventory of what you’re really using in your apartment and be discerning about your new lifestyle. How often do you have visitors? Do you really need a guest bed or would a pullout couch suffice? While it’s great to have extra items for guests, your space will stay clutter free for your everyday life with less furniture to take up floor space.

Be Brutal with Getting Rid of Unnecessary Things

When you’re downsizing your home, it’s a new chapter. Take an inventory, and get rid of duplicate or unneeded items. You may be hanging on to sentimental things that are meant to be passed down to the next generation. If possible, hand them off to your family and friends now to eliminate the need to move and store them in your new apartment.

It’s becoming easier and easier to sell items online. Facebook Marketplace is a simple solution to get rid of unneeded stuff. Instead of throwing away or donating items, snap photos and list them for sale online. You’d be surprised what people are willing to buy, even if it’s for a few dollars. Hopefully, you’ll earn a little extra money to buy smaller furniture or pay for storage solutions.

Making the Most of Existing Space

Think vertically for additional storage space. Tall bookshelves, unused wall space, and the space above kitchen or bathroom cabinets are all great ways to efficiently store and display items. Taller furniture may have a higher sticker price, but it will pay off in the long run when your place is easier to organize.

When you are storing in traditional bins tucked away in a closet, be sure to use plastic or impenetrable containers to protect from damage from leaks and pests. Inside those bins, you can further increase space by using space bags or other compression products.

Storage Options

Valet storage is a convenient and flexible storage solution for the modern New Yorker. Instead of lugging items to a storage unit, valet storage companies will come to your home, pick up items for storage, and return them when you’re ready to be reunited with your possessions.

Simplify Valet Storage is able to accommodate everything from bins to large, bulky items.  Through a simple, online service, you can request storage and bin delivery, set up a pickup time, track your items online, and request a return. But the best part? Simplify Storage requires no annual commitment or cancellation fee. All costs are presented up front and your items are stored only as long as you need the space.

And, when you’re moving, Simplify Valet Storage can provide bin rentals for you to pack your items and take them to your new place. Request a quote today for services that fit your storage and moving needs.





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