Eco-Friendly Office: 7 Small Steps to a Greener Workplace

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Eco Friendly Office: 7 Small Steps to a Greener Workplace

It’s becoming more important than ever to be conscious of your ecological footprint. Everyone is making small changes, whether it’s opting against the plastic straw in a drink or cutting back on energy consumption. If you’re ready to go green, don’t forget about making your working hours more sustainable. Here are seven easy ways to reduce waste and energy use for a more eco-friendly office environment.

1. Ditch Disposable Plastics

Waste from to-go containers, straws, and plastic bags is one of the biggest concern for daily trash creation. If you pack a lunch in reusable containers, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll be more conscious of your ecological footprint. 

Having a ceramic coffee cup, a set of silverware, and a reusable water bottle at your desk makes it easier to avoid disposable plastics. Plus, the personal touches can help make your office a little cheerier by having items you love around the desk. Nothing says “let’s get to work” like your favorite coffee mug! 

If your office has a communal coffee maker, ask to switch to reusable filters or bring your own reusable coffee pod. If not, have your own coffee maker or french press at your desk. It’s a great way to ensure you’re maximizing your coffee ritual and adding less waste to the environment with plastic and paper waste.

2. Unplug When You Leave Work

If your electronics remain plugged in when you leave the office, they’re still using power. It’s estimated that idle power is responsible for approximately a quarter of residential energy consumption. Before you leave the office, unplug everything you can to prevent using unneeded energy use.


3. Personal Recycling Bin

When the recycling bin is on the other side of the office, it can be tempting to dispose of recyclables in the trash. Keep a small bin for recycling that you can take to a communal receptacle at the end of the day. This is an easy method to ensure all recyclables are disposed of properly. 

If your organization doesn’t recycle, find out who the decision maker in the office is on trash removal, and see if it’s an option to add recycling services for the company. Currently, only 21% of trash from businesses and offices is being recycled in NYC. While it might be an extra expense, there are other coworkers who would want to recycle at the office too. Showing interest from other employees may help make your case.

4. Greenery at the Office

Having plants can help air quality by filtering out toxins. While a small addition to your office, a desk plant goes a long way for happiness quality too. Ivy, spider plants, ficus, and aloe vera are easy to find and are great for filtering toxins from the air.

5. Switch Lighting Sources

Maximize the natural light you do have, and if possible, opt for turning off the bright overhead lights in your office. Overhead, fluorescent lighting or blue light is the main culprit in headaches and sleep issues. A small floor lamp with an energy efficient light bulb can properly light your desk, especially if you need to be in the office after the sun sets. 

If you’re in the position to determine the type of lighting used in your office, try Urban Volt. The company pays for everything, including products, installation, and maintenance because you’ll immediately save on energy costs.

6. Go Green Through Coworking

If you don’t work in a traditional office space, coworking can still be sustainable! GreenDesk is a unique coworking space in NYC that makes tangible steps to help your business be more ecofriendly. For example, their buildings are renovated with recycled materials, energy rating certified, and are stocked with all the ecofriendly and sustainable products possible.

7. Downside Clutter

If you’re not organized, it can be difficult to be mindful of your ecological impact at home or the office. Get rid of some of your clutter by using a valet storage service, like Simplify Storage. The company comes directly to your home or office to pick up your items for storage with sturdy blue bins. These bins help protect items like documents, so you can avoid re-printing and help save paper. In addition, they are reused over and over, eliminating the need to purchase cardboard storage or your own plastic bins. 

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