Fall Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments

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Fall Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments

Cooler weather is on the horizon, leaves will be changing, and pumpkin spice lattes will return. Yes, we’re talking fall! Now that summer vacations are winding down, you’ll be spending more time at home, and you want to make sure your home is ready for more nights hanging out inside. Here are some fall decorating ideas to keep your small apartment on trend that avoid the fall seasonal cliches.

Warm & Natural Colors

Adding touches of warm colors can help make the space feel cozier and more seasonal. Ditch the cold minimalism look for the season and add some pops of color, even if that’s just picking warmer neutrals to complement your existing design. 

We don’t recommend diving head first into orange and black like Halloween every day. In fact, we’d recommend minimizing black and silver accents for the season. Ditch the cold metallics for some more natural accents in fall. 

Sticking to natural and light wood tones are all the rage right now. When you’re looking for fall decorating ideas, think jute, clay, macrame, canvas, and light wood finishings. By emphasizing these pieces and downplaying the colder neutrals, your home will instantly feel warmer.


Infuse your home with a little extra texture this season. Whether it be an oversized cozy throw or a faux fur rug, your home will benefit from preparing for the winter ahead. One easy fall decorating idea is to change the vibe with throw pillow covers. 

And if you’ve been paying attention to the home decor world, boho is back! Find some boho tassel trims on your textiles, like a duvet cover, throw blankets and more. Adding a pop of boho to keep your space feeling on-trend for the next season.

Lighter brown leather is also making a resurgence, and this doesn’t mean you need to replace your sofa. Add a faux leather throw pillow cover or a moroccan pouf to stay fresh without breaking the bank.


When your home is clean and organized, you can truly appreciate the design you worked so hard to curate. Get rid of the excess items by storing offsite. If you’re located in NYC, storage is easier than ever. Just contact Simplify Storage, and we’ll coordinate all the logistics of getting your items to a storage space, including picking up and dropping off your items. There’s no need to lug your items in public transportation or rent a truck with our delivery service, which is included for every customer.

Get Rid of Outdated Design Elements

Still holding onto those ikat or chevron textiles from 2010? Fall is a perfect time to reevaluate your current vibe and update some touches to make your space more modern. Look at your current decor items, and see where they may need an update.

The best part? You might be able to sell your items to fund a refresh. What may not feel on trend to you may be someone else’s next great find.


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