Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad with Everything

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Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad with Everything

Father’s Day is rolling around again, and each year, it can be tough to come up with a unique and meaningful gift for dad. How many ties can a guy have? While giving items and gift cards are great, more people are opting to buy experiences for their dad. Here are a few unique ideas for Father’s Day gifts without giving your dad any more stuff.

Event Tickets

Whether it’s tickets to a concert or game, get your dad the gift of a memorable event. Buy yourself a ticket too for some quality time! If you are both fans of a specific sports team or band, it can be a great way to bond over commonalities. Take a look at teams or bands coming to town, and see if there are any overlapping interests. If you have the extra cash, find a big sporting event, like spring training, and take your dad to see his favorite team.

Unique Experiences

Is there something on his bucket list? For the dad that has everything, pre-pay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From skydiving to deep sea fishing, the sky’s the limit on what you can reserve for dad.

And maybe he’s not a “jump out of a plane” kind of guy.  You can also find really great experiences for hobbyists with niche interests, like golfing or car collecting. If it gets a little pricey, ask your siblings if they want to chip in for one big, epic gift that your dad will never forget. You’ll have trouble topping these Father’s Day gifts next year, but it’ll be worth it!

Night Out

Design a night out for your dad with all his favorite places or add some places he’s wanted to try. Is your dad a beer drinker? Book a tour of a new brewery in town. Restaurant explorer? Find a place he’s been wanting to go and take him out for a night. Give your card to the server at the beginning of the meal to ensure he can’t fight over the bill when it’s time to pay.


If your parents are empty nesters, your dad is likely considering downsizing or reorganizing the rooms in his home to better fit his needs. Give your parents a jump start on their moving or renovation project with a valet storage service. Nothing is better than the peace of mind that a home is fully organized, and this gift will help clear out the items they don’t use frequently to get started on their project.

Simplify Storage is changing the game for NYC residents. We come directly to your home to pick up and drop off items, eliminating the hassle of traveling to a storage unit. Starting at just $30 per month, it’s affordable and convenient to give the gift of storage!


If you live in different cities, buy your dad airline tickets to visit you in your new hometown. Bring your dad to town for a weekend and plan an epic itinerary. If it’s priced right, buy two tickets and send yourself and dad to a vacation destination for some quality time.

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