Get Ready to Get Cozy: Winter Apartment Decor Ideas

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The essential winter apartment decor ideas

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. There’s no doubt this means more time indoors. When you’re faced with bone-chilling winds and slushy roads, the temptation to order Postmates and stay inside is real. Before you start getting that feeling, it’s time to break out the winter apartment decor and design your space for the coziest season yet! With a little prep and cleaning, your apartment can become a space you’ll want to come home to every night.


Here’s how you can prep your space for the months ahead with winter apartment decor and storage solutions:

Warm It Up

The fall and winter are all about bringing texture and warmth to your living space. Even if you don’t like orange and red hues for your decor, incorporating knitted items, soft whites, and candles are a huge help to make your apartment feel cozy. Think textile wall fixtures, like knitting or macrame. These classic pieces have made a resurgence lately and can help warm up plain or cold walls. They’re also especially conducive to seasonal decorating since they can often be hung with a single nail or rental-safe adhesive hook, and are easily swapped out in the summer.

Consider replacing light bulbs in lamps and fixtures for a lower wattage with a softer glow. There’s nothing like a harsh artificial light to kill your vibe. Well-placed lamps, string lights, and candles can practically eliminate overhead lighting, which is often an eye-sore in a rental apartment.

Go Green(ery)

While trees and flowers die back for the winter, pick up some houseplants at your local nursery, or even Trader Joe’s before they go out of season. Succulents are notorious for surviving unfavorable conditions, but spider plants and bromeliads are also relatively easy indoor plants that can give your apartment a leafy, tropical feel. Houseplants also have great benefits for air purification, which is important if you’re spending more time indoors.

If you have a brown thumb, consider fake plants. Stores like Ikea have a huge selection of artificial plants that are convincing substitutes for the real thing. Dress them up in a stylish pot, and voila! You have an instant pop of greenery to keep your winter apartment decor feeling lively.


Prep your Entryway

Winter and slush go hand in hand. Keep your apartment spic and span by getting an entryway rug to protect your living space from the elements. Make a neat space for your winter boots by investing in an entryway organizer or storage unit.  

A plastic storage solution might be an eye-sore, but wipes off cleanly and won’t ruin your nice furniture. If you have a closet in your entryway, consider a plastic bin to store snowy shoes that you can tuck out of sight from visitors.


Get Rid of the Clutter:

See you later, summer shorts! Unless you’ve booked a tropical vacation this winter, pack away those swimsuits, shorts, and thin tanks for another summer. In addition to the annual spring cleaning ritual, your apartment deserves a fall refresh. Swapping winter and summer clothes out of your closet is a tried and true solution for staying organized. There are several storage solutions on the market that can get these items out of sight and out of mind, like vacuum bags. Storing in an offsite location is also a great option to truly declutter your living space.


Storage without the Struggle

We are Simplify Valet Storage, and we’re based in NYC. We understand the winter struggles in the city, like snow, dark days, and high heating bills. When you’re ready to transition your nest to winter apartment decor and store unneeded summer items, we help make storage easy. With low rates and time-saving features, our solution is a great way to keep your life organized this winter. Get storing today!


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