Guitar Storage Ideas for Small Apartment Musicians

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Guitar Storage Ideas for Small Apartment Musicians

Living in a small apartment isn’t the most convenient solution for a musician. Between noise from band practice to tripping over cords and equipment, there’s a lot of pain points to New York City living. Plus, lugging heavy gear up to your apartment isn’t ideal. If you’re a guitarist, here’s a few ways to store your gear with ease. Check out these guitar storage ideas for small apartment dwellers:


Amp Display

Showcase your amp, rather than hiding it in a closet and collecting dust. Try this clever Ikea shelf hack to put it on display. Just be sure to add foam to the shelf to avoid rattling while in use and casters to move the shelf away from the wall. Or, you can take it off the shelf when you want to use it to ensure the amp has proper circulation and strong footing on the ground.

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Offsite Storage

Store the most rarely used pieces with Simplify Storage. It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive to make extra space in your place with solutions starting at just $30 per month. We come directly to your door to pick up items for storage. Then, when you’re ready to have your items back, just set up an appointment, and you’ll have your equipment hand delivered to your doorstep. Plus, our facility is secure and climate controlled, so you can rest assured that your instruments will be in the best of hands. Get started today.

Wall Display

Instead of leaning your guitar case up against a wall, put your guitars on full display. The simplest guitar storage ideas are racks and hooks to keep your guitars organized. There are several racks you can use that require very little installation. This minimalistic hook is perfect for all kinds of string instruments. Or, you can purchase a free-standing rack if you’re concerned about getting your full deposit back from your landlord. If you have just one regularly-used guitar, this one is perfect and affordable to keep your guitar at an arm’s length.

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Purchase a Dehumidifier

If your apartment doesn’t have a great air conditioning system, it can take a toll on your instruments. If you’re storing sensitive instruments in your apartment, a dehumidifier can save your guitars from temperature fluctuations and excess moisture. The last thing you want is warping or cracking, so if you choose to store your instrument outside the case, a dehumidifier is a must-have. 

Or, simply purchase a humidifier that keeps your acoustic guitar at the proper humidity year-round. Learn more about guitar humidifiers here.

Corral Your Cords

Especially if you play an electric instrument, you’re likely have cords everywhere. Twist ties are a simple way to keep cords together and detangled, even when you don’t have a formal storage system. Buy 100 for just $6 here. If you prefer something a bit sturdier, try these reusable cable ties that can keep all your cords organized with ease. 

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You can also put some rigor around your cord storage by purchasing an over-the-door shoe organizer. You can label each basket with the proper cord or small electronic, and replace them when you’re done using it. Here’s an example. Not only is it easy to hide this organizer inside a closet, but you’ll know exactly where each cord and device is at all times.

Bed Risers

Turn your bed into an extra storage opportunity. Raise your bed enough to fit a few extra bins underneath. Especially with some rolling storage, this hack will make your life much easier, and help clear some space in your other closets or storage areas. These bed risers are customizable, so you can add just a little height or a full 8-inches of extra storage space. Not sold on the look of standard bed risers? Try these wooden options that give your bed risers a more expensive finish to match your bedroom.

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