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Spring is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start planning your hiking and camping trips for the warmer months. As you’re preparing, here’s a list of items you’ll need to make your next trip a success and how to store and pack between trips. We’re based in NYC, so we understand the need to prepare and organize your items while living in small apartments. Here are some essential hiking gear storage ideas and tips to prepare for your next adventure:

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Arrange Your Hiking Essentials

Whether you’re an expert hiker or trying it for the first time, it’s important to bring the right kind of gear on your trip. Here are a few things you must have, especially if you’re going somewhere that’s not well-trafficked:

  • Sunscreen, glasses, or a hat to prevent burns or eye damage
  • First aid kit with basics like bandaids, antiseptic wipes and more. If you need tips on building a first aid kit, click here.
  • A light source, like a flashlight in case you get stuck in the dark
  • Food that is dense in nutrition and calories, and be sure to bring extra
  • Plenty of water, plus a water filtration device in case you run out
  • Shelter, like a tent, in case you need to spend a night outdoors
  • Navigation tools like a compass or a map of the area
  • Appropriate attire, including layers of clothes for temperature changes throughout your trip

Then, you’ll want to find a backpack or other bag that’s easily carried on your trip. Pack the essentials ahead of time, and add food and water when you’re ready to depart for the trip.

Climate Controlled Storage for Hiking Gear

Be sure to find a cool, dry place for your gear to be stored where it’s protected from UV light. This way, your gear will stay in great condition between trips. If you have enough room in your apartment, keep your items together to ensure you won’t need to scramble to find your gear when the time comes time to leave for your next adventure.

A great resource for hikers and campers is an off-site storage partner. If you live in New York City, you understand the struggle of having enough space in your apartment for everything you need. Simplify Storage provides a convenient service for climate-controlled, secure storage. Instead of hauling your gear across town, we’ll come right to your door to pick up and drop off your items. Learn more about hiking gear storage and get a quote for this affordable valet solution here.

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Prepping A Tent For Storage

If you use your tent, let it air out before you store it, especially if it rained or was damp during your last trip. Do you have an outdoor patio where you can dry it? If not, you may need to use your bathroom, draping the tent materials over the shower and laying out in whatever floor space you have available.

If you have a hairdryer, you can use it to start drying the wettest parts of the fabric so that you regain the use of your bathroom faster. While this is a laborious process, it’s so much better than finding your tent moldy when you take it out of storage.

Hiking Boot Cleaning

While hiking boots are made to get dirty, you’ll want to regularly remove as much caked-on mud and dirt that you can to keep them in good condition for years to come.

If you have outdoor space, use it for this process. First, take out the laces and start by using a disposable towel to wipe off big deposits of mud and dirt. When these layers have been removed, you’ll be ready to get the smaller nooks and crannies.

Find a shoe brush. A toothbrush will also work in a pinch. Mix some soap and water in a small bowl. Dish soap will work if you don’t have a soap made specifically for shoes available. Dip the brush in the soap and water mix, and scrub the smaller spaces of the shoe to remove caked-on dirt.

When you’re done removing as much dirt as you can, wipe down the shoe to remove any excess soap. Dry the boots in a dark, cool place. It may be tempting to dry them outside to expedite the process, but you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary UV light. This will help your boots last for much longer.

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