Home Photography Ideas for your NYC Apartment

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Home Photography Ideas for Your NYC Apartment

You’ve taken a lot of care to design and decorate your apartment. So why not take a few photos and show off your living space to your family and friends? But, in NYC, there’s often not a lot of space to work with, and getting a good photo of your living space can be a challenge. Here are home photography ideas and tips to get the best photo of your apartment.

Time of Day

Shoot your photos at a time when there’s ample natural light in your apartment, but not so much that your photos will turn out overexposed. Aim for the golden hour, especially if you have an apartment that has a large west-facing window. By understanding the light in your apartment, you’ll have a better photo every time. 

You’ll also want to make sure your photo is properly lit and in focus. Tap the screen and find the best focus point for your photo. You can also tap and hold to create an auto-focus lock on iPhone’s camera app, which enables you to hold the exposure values, even if you move the phone.


No matter what is in your shot, find a creative way to frame the scene. Enable the gridlines on your camera (if you have an iPhone) for an easy way to make sure your photo is straight and level. You can also use the rule of thirds to guide how your photo will be balanced to avoid a boring photograph.

Use Airbnb’s Professional Services

One of the best home photography ideas is leaving it to a professional when you’re using the photos for a larger purpose, like selling your home or renting it out on a home sharing website. If you’re taking photos for an Airbnb listing, use their professional services to get the best picture. Airbnb matches hosts with local photographers to take comprehensive photos of their listing. Why do it yourself when you can get high-quality photos that truly showcase your apartment?

Get Rid of Clutter Before You Stage a Shoot

Whether you’re staging your apartment for a single photo shoot or you’re expecting home sharing guests, get the clutter out of your apartment for a picture perfect atmosphere. Simplify Storage is New York City’s easiest solution to store items offsite. Just contact our team, and we’ll handle all the logistics, including dropping off and picking up items on your schedule. You’ll never need to leave the comfort of your home. Get a quote today.

Don’t Just Apply a Basic Filter

If you’re posting to Instagram, don’t just apply a preset. Use the brightness, contrast, and highlight controls right in the Instagram app to give your photo the best appearance. Your phone likely also some photo editing capabilities already. You don’t need an Adobe license to make minor corrections for a cleaner photograph. 

There is also an important setting called white balance that you’ll want to adjust. As a rule of thumb, your photos will look best with a neutral light, so play with this setting until the white items in the photo look truly neutral without a warm or cold tint.


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