Housing Gap: Temporary Storage and Living Space

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Apartment Gap: Temporary Storage and Living Space

So you’ve found the perfect apartment… but it’s not available at the right time. Now you have a housing gap, and nowhere to put your things for a few days or weeks. Even if you travel lightly, many friends won’t be able to accommodate you and all your stuff for an extended period of time. But there’s good news! At Simplify Storage, we’ve helped many New Yorkers with lease gaps and we have compiled the best solutions to successfully navigate this moving scenario. Here are a few tips and tricks to navigate a gap between apartment leases, including temporary storage and accommodations.

Current Lease Extension

If you give your landlord enough notice, many are willing to extend your lease for an extra month. The key is to make your arrangements early, so your landlord doesn’t put your apartment back on the market before you can extend the timeframe. But, be aware that you may pay a premium for that extra time. Some landlords will upcharge when extending your housing contract, so have some extra cash on hand for your moving process if possible.

Temporary Storage

If you’re moving between New York City apartments, Simplify Storage is a great solution to store your belongings. First, there’s no need to purchase boxes, because our team will provide sturdy blue bins to keep your things protected and organized. These bins will be dropped off at your current home, where you’ll pack your things for storage. Then, our team will pick up your items, store them in a climate-controlled, secure facility, and deliver to your new apartment when you’re ready to have your stuff back. 


There’s no moving truck to rent or friends to persuade into helping. Simplify Storage can also accommodate furniture and bulky items that won’t fit in a bin. Our no-commitment, flexible solution starts at just $30 per month. Contact us today for a custom quote for your big move!

Downsize Your Stuff

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of unneeded items. If you have less stuff to worry about, the entire process will be much smoother. Be discerning about what will fit in your new apartment, including if the style fits. 

If you’re moving into a loft, and you are holding on to an old, traditional sofa, this might be the best time to part ways. And remember, you can always sell these items and make some cash to fund your move. If you’re ready to declutter, read more here.


If you need a place to stay for a few weeks or months, Airbnb now offers to sublet right through the platform. Instead of staying in a motel or couch surfing with a friend, you can have your own slice of stability for a few weeks. Read all about it here. When booking, be sure to explain your situation to the host and see if they’re willing to work out an extended stay. Some are even willing to give you a different nightly rate if you stay for a longer time period.

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