How to Create an Organized Nursery for a Small Apartment

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How to Create an Organized Nursery for a Small Apartment

When you become a parent, space in your apartment fills up quickly. But, if you live in New York City, it’s especially challenging to prepare for a newborn when there’s little square footage to go around. While you’re waiting for the baby to arrive, there are plenty of ways to set yourself up for success by creating a nursery with plenty of storage solutions. Here are a few ways to create an organized nursery for a small apartment.

Built-In Storage

When you’re purchasing furniture, like changing tables or cribs, check for models that can increase your storage space. There are plenty on the market with shelves, drawers, and other built-in features to help you keep an organized nursery.


Use a rolling cart to store the essentials like diapers at an arm’s reach. But, be sure to get something with wheels that lock, because before you know it, your baby will be crawling and furniture surfing. Be sure that everything you buy is baby-proof to avoid pinching fingers and tip-overs.

Wall Space

Another great idea for a changing station is mounting some baskets to the wall above the table so everything you need is easy to grab. Diapers, wipes, creams, and more are great items to store in these baskets to make the changing process easier. Be sure to place them high enough that your child won’t be able to reach these baskets and pull them off the wall.

Create Space for Your New Arrival

At baby showers, not every gift you receive can be used right away or will be used regularly. Take advantage of offsite storage to get these items out of your home until you need them or want to use them. 

Simplify Storage makes it easy for busy moms and dads to create extra space in their homes by storing possessions offsite. The company comes directly to your home or office to pick up items for storage. Our signature blue bins are dropped off, packed by you, and picked up by our professional team. Then, just contact us when you want your bins returned, and we’ll deliver in an industry-best turn around time. But the best part? The storage service is flexible and affordable, starting at just $30 per month and able to accommodate items of all shapes and sizes.

Consistently Downsize Items

As your child grows, stay on top of re-homing items you don’t need anymore, like infant clothes. The fewer items you have cluttering up your home, the better chance you’ll have of keeping an organized nursery. You can sell items that are still in good condition to other new parents and recoup a little cash for future expenses. When your child gets older, check out these toy storage ideas.

Collapsable Stroller

Be sure to purchase a stroller that collapses to save space when you’re not using it. There are many different models available, but some will fold easier than others. You may want to go check out the options in person or ask your friends or family for advice on a stroller they used and loved. When your stroller can be easily tucked away in an entry closet, you’ll feel so much more organized and you won’t be tripping over it in your apartment.

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