How to Manage Restaurant Storage Space During a Busy Event

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How to Manage Restaurant Storage Space During Busy Events

Every restaurant owner has events on their calendar that they know they’ll gain additional foot traffic. Depending on where you’re located, sporting events, college graduation season, restaurant week, and holidays can be a major source of additional reservations.  When you’re coming into a busy season or weekend, it’s common to order extra supplies and food product to keep up with demand. However, restaurant storage space fills up quickly in your supply rooms, refrigerators, and other storage accommodations.

We’re located in NYC, and we know how much exposure New York City restaurant week can provide for establishments of all sizes. Get some of the non-perishable, unneeded items out of your restaurant can help you maximize space for food product during your busiest times.  Here’s how valet storage can help restaurant owners capitalize on high volume opportunities, like restaurant week.

Why Use Storage?

As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is for your dining room to become crowded and uncomfortable for guests. When you have too little storage space many on your property, you run the risk of overfilling the dining area, or having corners of unsightly extra furniture or equipment in the view of guests.

In addition, having too many items packed in your kitchen or staff restricted zones could pose a safety hazard, as your staff moves around quickly to serve guests in a timely manner. Ticket times go down when staff isn’t tripping over or dodging spare equipment on their way to serve guests.

What is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is one of the newest options on the market for business owners. The fundamental difference between other forms of storage is that valet services will come to your business and pick up your items. There’s no need to travel to an offsite storage unit to drop off or pick up heavy tables and chairs. It’s like bringing the storage unit directly to you!

What Makes it Better than Self Storage?

Valet storage is a more convenient option for restauranteurs, because of the limited time that owners have to travel to and from a storage unit. When you’re working 80+ hours a week, it’s difficult to find a spare moment to add another thing to your to-do list.  In addition, if you don’t have a truck or van to move around tables and chairs, it can be a huge pain to rent something to move your items to a self-storage unit.

What Can I Store?

For our restaurant storage customers, we see everything from extra cutlery to banquet tables and catering equipment and paper products. Simplify Valet Storage is unique, because we don’t just store small items that can fit in a bin, but our team has the manpower and infrastructure to move and store bulky items. When you’re ready to have your items back, we have one of the fastest turn around times in NYC with just a 24-hour notice to schedule a drop-off.

In addition, every customer has access to an online system that helps you keep track of your inventory, so you only need to request the items you need to be returned. There’s no more wondering what you left in your storage unit because the inventory list is available online 24/7. This makes it easier when it comes time for re-ordering or when booking a catering gig, because you know exactly how many items you have available with a few clicks of a mouse.

Lastly, Simplify Valet Storage helps businesses gain valuable flexibility. We know square footage, especially for commercial real estate is a luxury. It’s also essential to only have the amount of storage you really need, and not pay for extra space you aren’t using. With no annual commitment, store only when you need it. We’d love to get to know your storage needs, and to see how we can provide solutions for your business. Gain restaurant storage space, and get a quote today!

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