How to Navigate New York City Storage Services

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New York City Valet Storage Services

It’s no secret that storage units, valet services, and moving companies have become increasingly popular in NYC in the last few years. With apartments growing smaller and square footage becoming increasingly valuable, New York City storage services are an important need for many residents to reduce clutter. Everyone wants to find a great deal on their storage service, but there are so many more aspects to consider.  Your storage service can add a great deal of value to your life and eliminate hassle.

Before you store, learn about the different types of services available on the market and which is right for you.

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Indoor Self-Storage:

Indoor self-storage is the standard warehouse style storage solution with several divided units connected by hallways. The door to your storage unit is located indoors, and you are more likely to have features like climate control and gated or key entry.

This is one of the most common types of storage available on the market, and comes in many shapes and sizes, from full apartments to mini storage. You may also be able to find smaller-scale accommodations, like a storage locker.

Outdoor Self-Storage:

Contrary to the name, outdoor storage does not mean that your items are stored outdoors – just that the door to your unit is located outside. The items themselves will be protected by four walls and a door. There’s often no indoor hallway or building connecting the doors of the units, so you may need to brave the elements to reach your items. One benefit to outdoor storage is that you have greater access to the unit directly from a road or alleyway, making it easier to unload a moving van or vehicle into the unit.


Self-Storage – Weighing the Pros and Cons


In self-storage scenarios, you may have greater access to your items at a moment’s notice. If you’re able to let yourself into the unit by code or key, you are not required to set up a time to have your items returned to you.

There are also so many different providers of self-storage available on the market, which can be both a benefit for variety and difficulty to find the one that offers the best service for your needs.


In a place like NYC, both of the self-storage options may create logistical issues. You’re required to physically transport your items to an offsite location. If you’re like many New Yorkers and do not have a personal vehicle, lugging heavy or bulky items on public transportation can be a less than enjoyable experience. Renting a moving truck for items you cannot carry can also be a hassle and huge added expense. Plus, you might need to hire movers for items requiring a two-person carry, unless you can bribe some friends with pizza.


Valet Storage:

Valet storage options are a relatively new convenience for storage-seekers. In recent years, services have been cropping up in cities around the world. In valet storage, your service provider will pick up items for you, eliminating the need to lug heavy bins, items, or furniture across town.

Often, you will pack your items in a predetermined bin, and arrange a pickup time for your provider to take your items to the storage site. Return times, delivery options, and time commitment varies greatly by service.

Valet storage can also be useful for moving services. For example, some services can even accommodate full apartment storage or can provide movers for two-person carry items, eliminating the need for a separate moving service.


Choose the right type of storage provider for your needs

With so many options on the market for New York City storage solutions, there are a few key pieces of information you should obtain from your provider before making a decision:

What is the condition and accessibility of the facility?

Whether you’re using valet or self-storage, be sure your items will be stored in a climate controlled and updated facility. Especially if you have fragile or temperature sensitive items to store, your storage experience will be immensely better if there are no surprises due to weather or adverse conditions.

Is there a contract or time commitment required from your service?

Ask for all cancellation and commitment timelines for storage up front before you start service with a company. Don’t be surprised by a cancellation fee or contract termination requirement when you no longer need the storage solution.

How fast can your items be returned?

Life comes at you fast, and you want to make sure you’ll have access to your items when you need them. If you’re using a valet storage service, ask about return times, fees, and the process for requesting a return.

If you are using a self-storage option, be sure to ask about accessibility after hours and the safety systems in place. No one wants to find themselves alone in a dark alley with heavy bins or bulky items, especially if the storage facility is not secured.

Are there organization or inventory management services available?

Some storage solutions are now offering electronic inventory systems to help keep you organized. Check with your provider to see if there are online management systems available. This makes your storage and retrieval process easier for you!


Simplify Valet Storage

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