How to Store and Organize Camping Gear in an Apartment

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Organize Camping Gear During the Off-Season

If you’re a weekend warrior and camping enthusiast, you know how much room your gear takes up when you’re not using it. Tents, specialized cooking equipment, hiking boots, air mattresses, and outdoor chairs are essential for a comfortable camping experience. But when you’re at home, they’re taking up precious living space. Especially if you’re our neighbor in New York City, every square foot is matters! Here are a few tips for how to store and organize camping gear in an apartment.

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Repurpose Your Gear

Backpacks and coolers are two essential pieces of gear for someone who camps regularly. Don’t let these items sit empty in a closet. A hiking backpack or cooler can organize camping supplies when you’re not out in the wilderness. Pack specialty items, like flashlights, portable battery chargers, and lanterns inside these existing storage spaces to eliminate volume.


Compress It

For camping bedding, beach towels, or any other soft fabric item, space bags are a lifesaver and are readily available on the market in several forms. Removing air from the bags will help take up less space in a bin or closet. If you lost the box or bag for your tent, these handy space savers are also a great solution to keep the pieces organized and safe from ripping or tearing. With the plastic bag as a protective layer, you can rest assured your gear will be ready to go next season.


Utilize Wall Space

If you have a stylish bike, surfboard, or another attractive piece of gear, display it as an art piece in your home. A couple of hooks played high on the wall will keep your gear off the ground, and save floor space for other uses.

For apartments with ample wall space, pegboards are a flexible solution to hang whatever can be attractively be displayed in your living space. Plus, showing off your hobby adds character and personality in your home.


Chairs, Hammocks, and Tables

An outdoor patio is a luxury, but patio furniture can be expensive! Repurpose your camping furniture for everyday use, if it fits your vibe. This will also keep your gear fresh, as you’ll need to air it out after each trip anyway! During the winter, fold it up and cover with a tarp or other protective layer to guard it from snow and elements.

If you have a hammock, you might be able to pull off using it inside your home or on a balcony, making extra seating for guests and giving a unique vibe to your decor.


Get It Out Of Your Apartment

When in doubt, pack up your gear and put it away for the winter. Choose a flexible storage option to eliminate costs when you don’t need the storage. Simplify Valet Storage is an NYC-based solution that makes it easy and inexpensive to store your extra items. We pick up your items, and when you’re ready to get out of the city for the weekend, your items are easily accessible by setting up a drop off time. With no annual contract, you only pay for the storage space and time you really need. Learn more and request storage service here.

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