How to Store Holiday Decorations on a Budget

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The holidays are right around the corner, But before you know it, we’ll be ready to repack holiday decorations for storage. When you start preparing now, you can easily store holiday decorations and eliminate breakage. The best part? You can use household items to keep your budget intact.

Best tips for storing holiday decorations

Eliminate Tangle and Store Holiday Decorations Effectively

The holidays are all about the ambiance. When you’re done with your holiday lights, find a cardboard box and cut it into wide strips. Wrap the lights around the cardboard width-wise, and secure the ends to the cardboard with a binder clip or paperclip. This will prevent tangling during storage and eliminate headaches next season when it’s time to deck the halls.

And don’t forget about the menorah! If you have extra Chanukah candles at the end of the season, pick up an extra set of chopsticks from your local takeout joint. You can wrap candles inside the chopsticks using newspaper and tape to prevent breakage. A sturdy set of chopsticks will act like a splint for your fragile candles.

Egg Cartons as Ornament Protectors

Worried about ornaments breaking during transport or storage? There are a few household items that can solve for this common issue. Save your egg cartons to provide a cushion for smaller or round ornaments while storing these fragile and sentimental items. You can also use toilet paper and paper towel rolls to provide padding for longer ornaments.


Save Space with Space Bags

For tinsel, stockings, holiday sweaters, or other soft items, space bags are the perfect solution to free up square footage and maximize space in bins or under a bed. There are several solutions widely available on the market, including the compression variety that does not require a vacuum. Simply place your decorations in the bag, seal it, and press or roll the bag until the air is squeezed out.


Eliminate Wrapping Paper Woes with Saran Wrap

This tape-less hack will keep your wrapping paper fresh and unwrinkled. Take some saran wrap and tightly compress the roll of paper. It might take two sets of hands to keep it in place. Wrap the plastic around the paper as tightly as you can. There are also plastic wrap wands you can purchase to make the task easier for one person. Add a rubber band or two around the outside of the saran wrap for stability, and voila! Your favorite wrapping paper is prepped to survive another season.


Add square footage without an addition

Even with space-saving hacks, your apartment storage space fills up quickly. We live in NYC, and we know that seasonal decor can be a drain on valuable square footage in the off-season. In addition, your winter clothes or summer clothes can be a huge mess if left in the closet year-round.


Storage solutions are a New Yorker’s best friend! We’re Simplify Valet Storage, and we bring the space saving to you. With a convenient, valet pickup service, no annual contract, and solutions starting at just $30 per month, you’re just a few clicks away from decluttering your place. Learn more about our valet storage service here.

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