How to Workout At Home In NYC

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How To Workout At Home In NYC

We’re headed into the New Year, and it’s prime time for trying new fitness routines. But, the new year is also a busy time and this can make getting time to go to the gym difficult. When you’re crunched for time or want to skip the crowded gyms in January, working out at home is a great alternative. Plus, you can save time and money on pricey workout classes and traveling to-and-from the gym. Here’s how to make the most of your apartment’s space to workout at home.

Guided App Workouts

While you’re working out solo, you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it alone. Try some of these apps with guided workouts and customized training plans to jumpstart your fitness journey:

  • Aaptiv: This audio-based instruction app is great for people who like to workout in several places, like home, the gym, and outside. With personalized training programs and more than 2500 workouts, this $15 subscription is a steal. 
  • Nike Run Club & Nike Training Club: Two of the most popular running and cross-training apps, the Nike apps can give you custom workout plans for your goals and fitness levels. These apps are also great for specific training plans for a race, from 5K to marathon. The majority of features are completely free, with some premium workouts offered for a fee. 
  • Daily Burn: This app puts thousands of workouts at your fingertips for all fitness levels. And, it’s relatively affordable with costs ranging from $14 – $27 and a 30-day free trial for new users. 
  • Les Mills on Demand: If you’ve ever taken a Les Mills class, you know that it’s a great workout. Classes like Bodypump are highly customizable to your unique fitness level with the ability to add and remove weight. Try it at home for free for 10 days and monthly for $13. 
  • Your Existing Gym Membership: Some fitness centers and gyms have their own app with workout videos. If you already love your gym, check the app store and see if they have any guided workouts for you to use at home or in their facility. For example, Planet Fitness recently introduced an app with workouts available for both members and non-members. 
  • Social Media: When in doubt, YouTube and Instagram are two great sources of workout programs. And, they’re totally free. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting information from a reputable source. Especially if you’re just starting out and aren’t fully comfortable with proper form, you might want to try some personal training or expert programs first.

Clear the Way

If you’re anything like us, every NYC apartment is way too cluttered and small to properly get a good workout. Try a storage provider, like Simplify Storage, to give your apartment the extra space you need to workout at home. Any of your seasonal items can go right into storage with this affordable solution. Simplify Storage comes directly to your home to pick up your items, starting at just $30 per month.

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While you may not want to invest in bulky equipment when you’re living in a small apartment, these items can up your workout game without taking up precious square footage: 

  • Yoga Mat: Even if you don’t do yoga, a mat is a nice accessory to have, simply because it’ll help keep your floors sweat-free. When you workout at home, a yoga mat also provides a little cushion on hard apartment floors. 
  • Resistance Bands: While these clever little accessories won’t steal a ton of space in your closet, they are the perfect item for toning. You’ll definitely feel your workout the next day when you add resistance bands to your training. 
  • Dumbells and Kettle Bells: Choose one weight that you’ll get maximum use out of, based on how much you’re currently working out. If your fitness level outgrows the weight, you can always sell your dumbells or kettlebell and upgrade to a heavier one. 
  • Ankle or Wrist Weights: These weights are great for strength training, especially when you want to go hands-free. Several models are also adjustable within a weight range.  
  • Foam Roller: This tool is great for recovery and stretching. And, if you opt for a mini foam roller, you’ll use even less storage space.  
  • Mirror: If you still want a premium at-home fitness experience, Mirror is the latest in high-end gadgets. It’s perfect for small spaces because when you’re not using the guided workouts, the product looks like a standard floor length mirror.

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