Improve Your Work Productivity in 2019

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Improve Your Work Productivity in 2019

We take great care to organize our homes, but when we’re spending upwards of 40 hours per week at work, curating your desk or workstation is equally important. In 2019, take some time to reorganize and improve your work environment for the most efficient year yet! Learn a few work productivity tips and tricks to kick start your new year.

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Organization System

You probably already have a planner, but is it being used to its fullest potential? There are several kinds of planners available, like bullet journals or passion planners that can help you be more focused on goal completion. Rather than just simply diagramming your schedule, use your planner as a tool to accomplish your resolutions this year.

If you’re in the mood for some serious planner inspiration, check out bullet journals on any social media channel. There, you can find recommendations for the perfect pens, journal, and ways to organize your life by writing it down. There are tons of really incredible artists with bullet journal masterpieces to share.

Separate Spaces

Try to work in a designated space, even if that’s just the desk on the other side of your room. If you are frequently opening your laptop on your couch where you also relax, it can be hard to decompress. No one likes long hours in the office, so try mixing it up with a coffee shop or other free WiFi environment.

For those who are starting their own businesses or work remotely, consider a coworking space like Bond Collective. With five locations in NYC, one in Philly, and a unique venue for corporate events in Manhattan’s financial district, Bond Collective helps give small businesses the resources and networking needed to grow.

Bond Collective Office

Lighting and Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside with good natural lighting, which can help you clear your mind. Avoid artificial light sources that add to headaches and can affect your sleep cycle. If you do need to use a desk lamp, opt for soft light.

In addition, adding desk plants galore that have air purifying qualities, like English ivy or spider plants, can help you work at your best levels. Having some natural touches also makes your desk feel happier and homier, and in turn, making you more productive.


A key piece of being organized and efficient is setting routines. Whether it’s a set time to workout or routine time to accomplish a task, keeping a consistent schedule is an easy way to get more done.

If you work in a job with daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, like reporting, schedule out the same time frame to complete the work. Having a clear head about the projects you need to complete before you walk in the door each morning will keep you on track.

Clean and Tidy

Declutter your desk and do it regularly. Scheduling time to clean your desk, like every Friday before you leave the office, allows you to get into a routine and start off your week with a blank slate.

If you’re responsible for ordering swag, or any other kind of business supplies, it can quickly pile up in and around your desk. Or, if you’re like us in New York City, and don’t have the extra closet space to house your supplies, consider using a valet storage service. Simplify Storage provides a flexible solution for businesses to itemize what’s in storage and eliminates the need to physically visit a storage unit through pickup and delivery.

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