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The Solution For New York City Storage.

We’re Simplify Valet Storage. We may be the new kid on the block, but your block is our home. Our company was born in New York City where our founder, Donal O’Sullivan, saw first-hand the struggle faced by both residents and property owners in today’s New York housing market. As a construction professional with more than 30 years experience, Donal saw the size of apartments shrinking, and the demand for quality, convenient storage options growing. We’re founded in the idea that storage solutions for NYC apartments should be simple, flexible, and convenient for the customer because New York housing is already complicated enough!

Simplify Valet Storage Solution for NYC

The Blue Bin of Simplify Valet Storage

Simplify Valet Storage was designed with the city’s unique storage challenges in mind. We bring the storage to you and eliminate the hassle of traveling to-and-from your storage unit. Who wants to take a New York subway, bus or taxi with bulky bins?

A shoebox. Cramped.  Whatever word you use to affectionately refer to your living space, we want to help you stay organized at home, so you have room to maximize functionality and style. Your winter clothes may be taking up valuable square footage during the summer months. You might be living in New York part-time while in school or need storage as your moving between apartments. Maybe you’re making the big move to the Big Apple. Whatever situation you’re in, no one has space to spare in New York or a small fortune to invest in storage options.

Simplify Valet Storage takes the guesswork out of storage solutions, and take one more item off your to-do list. Our flat rates, no annual agreement, and quick delivery make your life easier. When you choose Simplify Valet Storage, you’re getting the most flexible storage solution for NYC apartments, homes, and dorm rooms at an unbeatable price. Our service is customizable, with several storage options and moving-related add-on products to meet your specific needs. We’re dedicated to making your storage or moving process as painless as possible without costing an arm and a leg.

How we work:


  • Sign up for the service, select the number of bins you want to have delivered, and schedule a time to meet our team at your doorstep. We bring our signature blue bins directly to you with no hassle.


  • Stay organized by packing your items into the bins provided and taking photos of your items. Upload photos to your account and take a photo of the barcode on the bins to keep track of every item you store. There’s no more guessing where your items are located in a storage unit!


  • Schedule your pickup. Our team will come to your door and collect the bins you’ve packed for storage. The bins will be transported to a brand new, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility until you’re ready to have your items back. You can always track which items are stored in which bin via our online system and mobile application.


  • Request a delivery online with just 24 hours notice. The bins you requested are delivered to your doorstep within a three-hour delivery window. That’s it! No need to travel to the storage unit.


We offer some unique perks you just won’t find anywhere else. When you’re considering a storage solution for NYC apartments, here are a few things to keep in mind:

No Commitment:

Who wants to be tied down to a storage unit for a year? The majority of storage solutions in New York City require contracts, cancellation fees, and can have inflexible open hours. Self-storage facilities can be hit-or-miss when you consider the condition of the storage unit and security. Even other valet storage companies require a time commitment and may charge fees for early cancellation.

Our service is month-to-month, so it’s simple to reserve and retrieve your items. When you’re ready to claim your items, that’s it! There’s no complicated annual contract and no cancellation fees.

3-Hour Return Time:

We offer the quickest return time of any service on the market. When you need your items, you can count on Simplify Valet Storage to return your bins with ease. You can select one or all of your bins to be returned – and drop off will be made at your request!

All you need to do is contact us via the online system, request your delivery, and you’ll have your items delivered according to your schedule.


For just $30 per month, you can store up to 5 bins, measuring 27in x 17in x 12in. We only charge you for the bins you use, so order as many bins you think you’ll need. If you order too many we will take them back at no charge to you. Additional bins past the five allowed are just $6 each per month.

Even if your item won’t fit in a bin, our service can accommodate bulky items. Skis, snowboards, cellos, and many other cumbersome items can be stored starting at $30 per month. We also rent storage units starting at $130 per month for your large-scale storage need.

All of the storage options are housed at a secure, climate-controlled facility to ensure you’re items are protected from the elements and wrongdoers.


We take our mission of making your life easier to heart. We want to help our customers get a little R&R, so we’ve started partnerships with several luxurious apartment communities to offer events for our customers. Masseuse pop-ups and wine parties at The Eugene and One Sixty Madison are just a few of our recent events. Our community is growing, and we’re excited to offer these exclusive benefits to our customers. Who doesn’t love a little pampering?


Benefits Of Being A Part Of The Simplify Valet Community

Simplify Valet at The Eugene. Wine and Massages.


Our online system is easy-to-use. When you pack your bins, you take photos of the items and take photos of barcodes to ensure you know which bin contains which item. At any time, you can log on to the online platform, and see which items are located in the bins. You can request one or all of your bins to be returned, depending on the item you need. We want to help you stay organized too with the power of tech.

Simplify Storage Mobile Application - Storage Solutions

Photos Of Items In The Blue Bin


We’re excited to meet you! Our service is available in all five boroughs in New York City, so if you’re not located in NYC, we hope to be in a city near you soon. To get started, Sign Up Now, or give us a Call at 888-522-2330.

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