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There’s nothing worse than a single lost earring. If you love to accessorize, you know the struggles of storing, organizing, detangling, and finding your jewelry when you’re ready to wear it. Plus, when you have a small apartment, it is difficult to maintain an awesome wardrobe and collection of accessories without feeling like your apartment is constantly cluttered. Here are a few ways to maximize your necklace, earrings, and other jewelry storage, so you can keep accessorizing to your heart’s desire.

DIY Earring Organizer

Create your own organizer with a little DIY magic. Get some plastic mesh canvas or a pegboard with holes the proper size to hang earrings. With the right kind of spray paint, you can easily customize it to match your decor. Here’s a list of paints that work well with plastic.

Plus, it’s easy to attach to a wall or inside a closet with little damage. Use a few command hooks and use the existing holes in the mesh or pegboard to hang the organizer wherever you desire.

Declutter with Valet Storage

When your accessory collection and wardrobe become too much for your small apartment, store some of your items offsite with valet storage. By storing smaller items, or even bulky furniture, you’ll have a much easier time staying organized in your everyday life. Simplify Storage is a great solution for busy New Yorkers, providing delivery and drop off of your items in all five boroughs. There’s no need to lug items across town with Simplify Storage’s affordable service. Get a quote here starting at just $30 per month.

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Storing Stud Earrings

Pill organizers or other small dividers are great tools to organize earrings. This way, you can keep them together and, since it’s cheap plastic, you won’t feel bad about attaching labels to stay extra tidy. This solution is also great because it can be tucked away on a shelf, inside a drawer, or taken along when you travel.

If you want something a little more refined that you can display in your home, try tabletop organizer or desk insert, like this divider set. This is a great solution for a vanity or bathroom drawer where you get ready for your day.

Built-In Jewelry Storage

For small apartments, don’t miss the opportunity for your furniture to serve dual purposes. There are many pieces that have built-in jewelry storage, like these mirrors. With a built-in solution, plenty of space to house all your accessories, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets with unique sections for each type of jewelry.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes seem to be a thing of the past because it’s easy for them to look dated or kitschy. But these options below aren’t your grandmother’s jewelry boxes:

  • Try this beautifully modern and stackable jewelry box from West Elm.
  • Repurpose a more modern box to hold your accessories, like this concrete textured option.
  • A small dish or box can also serve as a catch-all for rings, bracelets, and other items like makeup for getting ready in the morning.


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No Damage Wall Hangers

Get your full security deposit back from your landlord by using these jewelry racks from Command. The strips will pull cleanly when removed on most surfaces, reducing the risk of paint spots. If you want more customization of how your necklaces are arranged, these small wire hooks are great for holding small accessories, including light necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Magnetic Jewelry Storage

A metal surface is a great way to keep items at arms reach. For example, this strip of metal can be placed inside a closet or the back of a door to organize necklaces. Plus, there are color options to match your decor if you want to place it on display.

If you want to DIY your magnetic jewelry organizer, take a trip to your local hardware store where you can select a piece of metal that fits your needs. From bars of metal to sheets, you’ll be sure to find something that works for your space. Plus, the staff will help you cut down the materials to your desired size. Be sure to measure before you go!


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