New York Business Storage Solutions Made Easy

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New York Business Storage Solutions Made Easy

If you’re based in New York City, you understand how expensive square footage for commercial real estate can be. Marketing collateral, giveaways, trade show items, and other supplies take up valuable office space when not in use and clutter the office. If you’re a business that hosts clients or customers, it’s key to have an organized and well-designed space for a welcoming and professional appearance. A great storage partner can help you keep your space clean by provide cost-effective business storage solutions to hold extra items offsite.

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What is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is a relatively new concept in the world of business storage solutions. The key difference from traditional storage options is that valet storage services pick up your items directly from your office, rather than traveling to a storage unit to drop off your items. Valet storage adds convenience, but some services can be expensive and inflexible. With so many options now on the market, it’s important to understand the company’s fee structure, storage process, and return times before you enter into a service agreement.

How We Work:

Simplify Valet Storage is one of the newest options for business storage solutions. We’re available in all five NYC boroughs and can accommodate everything from small items to office furniture. Our mission is to make our customer’s lives easier, and we truly take it to heart. With fast return times, affordable fee structure, convenient pickups, and an online management system, we’re designed with NYC businesses in mind.

When you begin service with Simplify Valet Storage, here is the four-step process you’ll experience:


  •      We drop off our signature blue bins directly to your office with no hassle. You select the number of bins or set aside bulky items for pickup. When in doubt, order extra bins. If you select too many bins, we will take back the extras free of charge.
  •      For just $30 per month, you’ll receive five spacious bins with an additional $5 per bin per month above the initial five bins. Sky’s the limit to how you can use your storage space! We’ve worked with several businesses who take advantage of the space for promotional items, office supplies, extra furniture, trade show materials, and so much more.


  •      Pack your items into the bins provided and take photos of your items. Our online system makes it easy to stay organized. As you pack, take inventory, upload photos, and assign the items to a bin. There’s no more guessing where your items are located in a storage unit!
  •      This also streamlines the retrieval process. It’s a fact of doing business that there may be employee turnover while using a storage service. You don’t want to lose track of your items because of a change of guard. With an organized packing system that is recorded online, your entire team can have access to the storage inventory easily without visiting an offsite location.


  •      Request a delivery online with just 24 hours notice. The bins you requested are delivered to your place of business within a three-hour delivery window. Only the bins you request will be returned, so you’ll stay organized and flexible as your business needs change.
  •      No matter when you learn that you need your items back, the request is made online through our easy-to-use system. There’s no need to call or email to request a return or need to place your request during business hours.

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Why Choose Simplify Valet Storage?

We’re proud to be a flexible and inexpensive way to store your items, so you can keep more profits for your business. Here’s why we hope you consider Simplify Valet Storage for your business storage solutions:


Annual contracts are the worst, so we don’t require a time commitment for our services and have no annual agreement requirement. We want your business to remain nimble and easy to adjust to changing business needs. Retrieve your items at any time without worry of hidden fees. All return costs are presented up front when you begin service and is a flat-rate cost so you can plan accordingly.

Ease of Access:

It’s important it is to have your items when you need them. In any business, needs change quickly, and we are proud to offer one of the fastest return times of valet services in NYC. Just sign into our online service, and request a convenient drop off time. Your items will be dropped off at your place of business when you need them.


Reordering trade show supplies can be further complicated when you don’t know how many of each item you already own in a storage unit off-site. Instead of sending employees to an offsite facility, counting pamphlets, and repacking the bins, we offer an online inventory system. As you pack your bins for storage, photograph the items and take down important details, like the number of pamphlets or marketing giveaway items. You’ll always know what you have in storage when it’s time to re-order. You can also request only the bins that contain items that are needed to be returned, rather than pouring through your entire stock and cluttering your office space.

High Quality Service at an Affordable Rate:

Our business storage solutions begin at just $30 per month for five bins. Even with bulky items like extra office furniture, our service will come to pick up your goods for storage and coordinate the logistics. You can also rest assured like sensitive information in documents will be securely stored, and temperature-sensitive items, like electronics, will be held in a climate-controlled facility. There’s no need to waste man hours for an employee to travel to the storage unit. With a cost-effective partner that streamlines the business storage process, you can keep more money for your bottom line.


If you’re looking to clean up and organize your office space, consider Simplify Valet Storage. Contact us today for more information, rates, and to sign up for a pickup.

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