New York City Company Holiday Party Ideas

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New York City Company Holiday Party Ideas

Are you one of the lucky employees planning your holiday party? You know how tough it can be to balance booking entertainment, prepping the office, and taking in your coworker’s opinions, all on top of your regular day job. Here are a few company holiday party ideas for NYC-based businesses to help your event run smoothly: 

Take a Survey

You can always benefit from knowing exactly what people are thinking about the party. Plus, you’ll get plenty of unsolicited feedback on the holiday party if people know that you’re helping to plan it, so why not take it down in a formal survey? It’ll help you source company holiday party ideas from your own peers, and see what kind of party people really want. 

People sitting around a laptop doing the survey

For example, if most of your office lives in Brooklyn, but your office is in Manhattan, they might want the party closer to home. Knowing this fact will help you narrow down a venue. 

Here are a few ideas for the survey questions:  

  • What did you like about last year’s party?
  • What could have been improved?
  • If you could pick a neighborhood to hold the party, where would it be?
  • If you could pick a venue, where would it be?
  • DJ, band, karaoke, or dueling pianos?
  • Photobooth or photographer?

Venue Planning

When planning a corporate event, you can start to feel like your planning a wedding. The venue, catering, DJ, entertainment, and/or photographer will be your biggest expenses, just like a wedding. But, you don’t want your event to feel just like a wedding. In selecting the venue, you’ll want to consider two options:


Be sure to shop around and see a few different event halls, and match the venue to the vibe of your event. For example, if you have a casual culture, find a hip bar that can rent out space for a night. If your office is more formal, maybe a ballroom or hotel would be a great option.

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If you plan the event on a Thursday or non-peak night, you may be able to find more venues willing to rent out their space. Or, have your holiday party just after the new year. You may have higher attendance and a cheaper bill from the venue since it’ll be a non-peak time.

In the Office:

If you have a smaller budget (or a really cool office space), you may be hosting it in your office. When you’re prepping, get all the extra business supplies out of the way to make space for the event. Try a Valet Storage company, like Simplify Storage, to make the cleaning and storage process easy. Simplify Storage will come directly to your office to pick up items and drop them off when you’re ready to have them back.

Open Bar

If your company is alcohol-friendly, be sure to get professional bartenders hired through the catering company. Your legal team will thank you. By working with a third party, you can remove some of the liability from your company. 

In fact, drink tickets are always a great idea, so that each person is given a certain number of beverages on the house, without overserving. Plus, have a safe ride program in place, whether that be reimbursement for Ubers for the night or another form of reliable transportation. 

As always, you’ll want to become great friends with your legal, HR, and finance teams to make sure the entire night will be smooth sailing.

Party Playlist

If you can’t hire a DJ, making a playlist for the event can actually be a great success. Be sure to crowd-source songs. Ask for submissions from the whole company or from the party planning committee. This way, a larger range of tastes will be represented, and people will be more likely to enjoy a song or two throughout the night.

Dj playing decks

Remember, You Can’t Please Everyone

Even taking feedback into account, you really can’t make everyone happy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll make the best event with the budget you have, and many of your coworkers will be grateful you spent the time and energy to throw the event. It’ll all pay off when the night comes together.



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