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New York City Coworking: Tips for Success

Coworking is one of the fastest-growing trends in business today. Even large, national companies are taking advantage of the flexibility for their remote employees. But if you’re used to a 9-5 established office environment, it can be difficult to adjust to a more flexible coworking environment. If you’re working from a non-traditional office space, here are a few coworking tips to make the most of your membership plan and setup.

Do Your Research

With so many coworking spaces in New York City, it can be difficult to understand the benefits of each different membership. When selecting your coworking space, ask the following questions so you can better pinpoint your business needs:

  • Do you need reciprocal access to multiple locations? 
  • Do you need extra storage or meeting space?
  • Do you want to connect with more like-minded people (i.e.: women, diverse backgrounds, or people in your industry)? 
  • Do you need legal, accounting, or other startup services?
  • Do you need a private, established office, or are you comfortable with a hot desk? 
  • Do you need flexibility on your membership plan or just seasonal access to an office? 
  • Do you even need an office at all, or just a business address and meeting space when needed?

Once you understand exactly which type of space you need, it’ll be easier to find a membership that works for your lifestyle. Here are just a few ideas on where to look for coworking space:

  • WeWork: the original and largest coworking space. With 66 buildings in NYC and growing, there is likely a WeWork near you. 
  • Industrious: another large, national coworking brand with five locations in NYC. Their brand new office at Hudson Yards is partnered with Equinox, so you get your gym membership and office in one place. 
  • The Wing: if you’re a boss woman with a need for office space, look no further than The Wing. Not only is it beautifully designed, but you’ll make connections with other female entrepreneurs and leaders in their industries. 
  • The Yard: Among the more affordable options, the Yard has memberships starting at just $295 per month for open coworking space. Plus, most locations are dog-friendly and offers nearly all the perks of the larger, national companies.
  • Bond Collective: Bond Collective is known for it’s carefully curated, boutique feel. This coworking provider has multiple locations across the US, and 7 NYC locations to choose from, all offering tons of amenities with 24-hour access. With monthly plans starting at $300 for coworking, you’re sure to find a location that fits your needs.

Understand Your Membership Plan

Each coworking plan has unique benefits, and you’ll want to examine the available options before making a choice. If this is your first time coworking, pick a more flexible term agreement with the ability to change plans if you decide later that you need a different configuration. 

Here are four general types of plans to consider for an individual: 

  • Remote Office: This is the smallest plan at most coworking spaces, where you can use the office location for your business address. You can also rent conference rooms when you have meetings, but often, you work from home. 
  • Hot Desk: Sometimes called “community memberships,” these plans allow you to work from the office, but you won’t have a set desk. You may also receive monthly credits for conference rooms or private offices, depending on the coworking space. 
  • Personal Desk: When you have your own private desk, it’s easy to have a little more stability in your workspace. Plus, you’ll get to know your neighbors. 
  • Private Office: Especially if you have a larger team, a private office is very convenient. If you deal with sensitive information or secure data, this is also a great set up to keep your work private. 

If you have a membership at one of the larger coworking companies, like WeWork, you may be able to get reciprocal access to other WeWork locations or coworking styles. WeWork has a credit system, where you can book a space if there’s availability. Depending on your plan, you’ll find a coworking space near you while you’re traveling. When selecting your membership, ask about these types of reciprocal access if they’re important to you. 

Consider A Storage Solution

If you’re doing a “hot desk” type plan, you may not have a set place to keep your belongings. Even with a dedicated desk, you might not have a lot of storage space and may bother neighbors with unruly supplies or papers. 

Find a storage solution that fits your lifestyle. Coworking is all about flexibility and convenience, so try valet storage. In this kind of arrangement, the company will pick up and drop off your items directly at your home or office. Simplify Storage is among the most flexible and affordable, with no commitment and plans starting at just $30 per month.

Make Connections, Not Just Network

Coworking is a great way to meet people outside your industry and potentially work together on future projects when you need a different skill set. Especially for freelancers and startups, the connections you make at a coworking space can provide significant support and resources for your business. Plus, your peers can provide ample coworking tips as you adjust to the new environment. 

However, there’s also nothing more annoying than cheesy networking tactics and salespeople with a hidden agenda, so take a human approach to your coworking relationships. You’ll find people that are doing all types of interesting projects. Take a genuine interest in other people’s work, and connect with them on a one-to-one level. 

Start by simply making friends, and the benefits of these relationships will come later. Be sure to attend the events hosted by your coworking space when you can. It can be difficult to put yourself out there if you’re working alone, but it’ll be worth it to get to know your peers.

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