Packing Tips for Moving in New York City

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When you have a small apartment, it can be tough to live a functional life while preparing to move. When you’re tripping over boxes and piles of clothes, it can make the moving process a pain. We’ve got an easy to follow guide to stay extra organized and maximize your space in the meantime. Here’s our four-week guide, full of packing tips for moving in New York City.

4 Weeks Away: Prepare

Start amassing your supplies, but don’t let those boxes go to waste. When you collect a box, pack it right away and put it up in a closet or shelf. As you obtain a box, pack it with items like out-of-season clothes or knick-knacks. If you break your move up into manageable parts, it will feel so much easier to accomplish. You’ll also want to keep those handy air packets or bubble wrap that comes with your box if you get a delivery or package.

One of our favorite packing tips for moving is to obtain a plastic or stretch wrap roll. This handy item is great to keep your silverware tray intact or to roll up rugs. We recommend using it to wrap pillows together for easy transport and for them to stay in great condition without shoving them into a box.

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3 Weeks Away: Pare

Now that you have some of the items out of the way, start critically going through your remaining possessions to get rid of stuff or donate. This is also a great time to try to sell any bulky items like furniture that you don’t want to haul to your new place. Don’t forget to try to sell all your items before you get rid of them. You’d be surprised what you can recoup to help fund your move. Focus on paring down during week 3 to help lighten the load on your move.

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2 Weeks Away: Clean

This week is crunch time. Do a massive batch of laundry and dishes to ensure all your items will arrive at your new place clean. Work to get your remaining items into boxes, leaving only the most essential items for the final days. It’s a great time to break out the cleaning supplies and start to get your place in tip-top shape so you get your deposit back.

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1 Week Away: Store

Instead of renting a moving truck and finding a place to park it on your street, a valet storage partner can make the moving process so easy. If you’re moving between apartments in NYC, the company will come directly to your home to pick up items for storage. Then, when you’re ready to have them back, they’ll drop off at your new home. Plus, you can request returns of only the stuff you need right away so you can avoid tripping over boxes in the meantime.

Simplify Valet Storage accommodates items that can fit in their signature bins, bulky furniture, and will even rent out their sturdy plastic bins for your move. Get started for just $30 a month with no required time commitment for storage.

One week from your move is also a great time to start changing your addresses on documents and accounts. Submit a change-of-address form to the post office so your mail will start being forwarded to your new home.

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