Pantry Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

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Pantry Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Having a pantry in New York City is a luxury, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, it’s essential to make the most of that extra storage space. It’s every apartment hunter’s dream to have built-in storage with a well-designed layout. But if you love to cook, you’re sure to quickly run out of storage unless you properly organize your space. Check out these pantry storage ideas to maximize your kitchen.

Use Stackable Containers

Instead of keeping food products in the original container, use stackable plastic or glass, and label accordingly. If you often buy the same dry goods, like sugar, flour, or rice, you can save a lot of space by combining half or nearly full bags into one storage container. By eliminating paper or thin plastic bags, you can seal the food from contamination from unwanted bugs and mice. It will also be easier to measure out these ingredients when you’re cooking because you won’t need to worry about ripping or spilling with the original container. 

 Pro tip: use glass and erasable labels. This way, you can keep you organized by knowing exactly what’s in the container. Plus, plastic can absorb some food smells and residue, and glass is more easily and fully cleaned.

Clever Spice Storage

For those with limited counter and pantry space, magnetic spice storage containers are a great option. Not only can you use the magnets to your normal fridge decorations, like wedding invites, but you can get these spice jars out of your pantry and create more storage space. 

If you’re able to put holes in your wall or can secure with less damaging command hooks, a hanging spice rack is another great option to store seasoning. Find some wall space near your stove, and keep your most regularly used spices and seasonings right at an arm’s length.

Seldom-Used Appliances

If you love to cook, there’s probably a good chance you have extra appliances or gadgets you’re not using regularly. Get them out of your kitchen with Simplify Storage. The service is great for seasonal or bulky items because the company offers affordable, spacious bins and no annual contract. The company comes directly to your home to pick up and drop off, so you’re never left to navigate NYC public transit with your items for storage.

Simplify Bin with Pans

Food Storage

Your pantry is also a great place to house food storage containers, like Tupperware or plastic wrap. Put these little organizers on a shelf of your pantry to avoid clutter from boxes like aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, and more. If you have really tall shelves, these shelves also stackable to make the most of your space.

Pantry Door

If your pantry has a door, don’t forget to use that as extra space. Get one of these over the door organizers and tidy up smaller items. Things like packaged snacks, spices, sauces, and condiments can be stored here, taking up less space on your shelves. 

You can also use command hooks to secure paper towels, plastic wrap, and more to the inside of your pantry door. Check out this handy guide to DIY this storage in your own apartment.

Matching Containers

There’s nothing more frustrating than having mismatched Tupperware. If you’ve been using the same containers for years, invest in a matching set of storage containers that are stackable and easy to organize. These are a personal favorite because the lids and containers lock together in one stack. Plus, you can get all of these sizes for a really affordable price.

Jam jars

Makeshift Pantry

If you don’t have your own pantry, invest in tall, open storage. This storage cart on Amazon is affordable and can roll out of the way when you don’t want it displayed in your home. You can also try this storage cart to help hang extra pots, pans, or cooking accessories.


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