Paperwork Storage Ideas for NYC Businesses

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Paperwork Storage Ideas for NYC Businesses

If you work in HR or Finance, there’s probably a pile of paperwork on your desk right now. While you probably just want to recycle the whole stack, there are so many requirements to hang on to those pesky papers. For one, the IRS requires payroll records to be kept for 3 years, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg to stay compliant with various rules and regulations for your industry. When you need to keep records for later, we’ve got a few tips to keep you organized. Check out these paperwork storage ideas for NYC businesses.

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First Step: Purge Your Papers

Block off your calendar for a paper purging event! Get your coworkers to join you for a Clean Office Day to get rid of all the unneeded paperwork and whatever other business supplies you have laying around. Doing this once every 3-6 months will help eliminate unneeded office clutter. Especially if you have clients or customers in the office frequently, you’ll have peace of mind that your office will be in great shape when they visit and you’ll put your best foot forward.

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While you need to keep any papers that are required, it’ll be so much easier if there’s less to keep organized. Recycle anything that’s unneeded, and shred whatever has personal or financial information to keep this data safe.  If you get the entire office to participate, be sure to alert anyone who works with the facilities team. You might have a larger amount of recycling or trash that requires the maintenance or facilities workers to be aware of. 

Take whatever’s left of your paperwork stack and organize it accordingly. Ask your business’s administrative assistant or facilities team for their paperwork storage ideas. Why reinvent the wheel if someone in your organization has already created a good system for storing business items?

Get an Online System

For some records, a digital copy is acceptable. Institute a well-organized filing system electronically. But, be sure that whatever you use is secure and compliant. Some records may be too sensitive to put on any old file-sharing site. If your company has a secure server, this is the perfect place to get your files organized. Get to know your IT team to help build an easy process for getting files on the server. 

In this day and age, digital organization is incredibly important. In order to not misplace these crucial files, be meticulous about saving and naming your files so they are easy to find. If one doesn’t already exist, develop a strong file naming system that you use company-wide. 


Include a standardized date format on every folder or file is a great way to make searching or browsing easier. While most servers can’t handle special characters, including slashes and periods, you can denote all files with YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD format. This way, they are easy to sort chronologically.

If your company has a project manager, this may be a great person to tap to help your team stay organized and efficient. Loop in a project manager for their opinion before instituting a new system to make sure it will be sustainable and useful for all teams.

Valet Storage

If you work in NYC, you know there’s no extra square footage to store years of paperwork. Take those records that you need to keep a physical copy offsite by using a valet storage service. Simplify Storage makes it easy by picking up and dropping off bins directly at your office. You fill the bins, taking notes of the bin’s inventory in our online system, and we take them to a secure, climate-controlled facility.  It’s just that easy! You’ll know exactly where all your records are with a click of a mouse. To learn more about how Simplify Storage can solve your business needs, click here.

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