Pet Supplies Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

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Pet Supplies Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Having pets make life so much sweeter. But if you have a dog or cat, you want to be able to provide enough space for everyone to be happy and comfortable. Between toys, litter boxes, food, and other supplies, your pet can take up a lot of your valuable living space. Here are a few tips and pet supplies storage ideas to declutter your place and make it cozy for you and your good boy:

Dog and Blue Bins

“Cardboard boxes suck! Simplify Valet Storage (@simplifystorage) makes it easy to pack and store your stuff easily. They deliver the bins, you pack, and they’ll pick it up and store it for you.” – Eric Ho, best friend to @youngkingcorgi 

Keep The Toys In One Place

Make a designated space to store toys. Thinking vertically, like tall bookshelves and wall shelving, is always best to keep items up and off the floor, and out of reach from your pet when not in use. Add baskets as “catch-alls”  to your existing vertical storage. This solution keeps items out of sight and out of mind when you host guests.

In addition, there are multi-use storage items on the market to help keep the clutter off the floor. Items like pet beds with built-in storage solutions are a great way to organize toys.

Donate Items You No Longer Use

Your local rescue is in need of item you already have. If you have supplies you no longer use, give them away to pets in need. Many shelters take donations of new or gently used leashes, toys, treats, pet beds, cleaning supplies, food and water bowls, and more. The best part is that you’ll be helping animals that are waiting to find their homes to be more comfortable and happy.

Make a Walk Station

If you have a dog, keep leashes, bags, and gear organized in your entryway. With a designated station for walk supplies, it eliminates potential clutter on countertops. Adding a hook or two in the entryway will go a long way to ensure every item has a home and is ready to go when it’s time to go for a walk.

Re-box It

Your pet’s dry food or treats come in a bag that can slump over and create a mess. Get a plastic storage bin or a treat jar that can fit easily sit on a counter or away from sight in a closet. Your food will also stay fresher and can be protected in the case your pet gets into the bag when left unattended.

If you have a cat, transport litter from the original bag to a plastic tote with wheels. You won’t have to drag a heavy bag or bin from room to room, especially if you have placed litter boxes in more than one room.

Store Unneeded Items Offsite

To free up square footage in your living space, pack away items you don’t frequently use, and store them off-site. There are several items you may own that you can only use seasonally, like pet clothing or costumes. Get these items out of your apartment in the offseason! Simplify Valet Storage is a flexible and affordable solution that makes your life easier. Learn more here.


Two Dogs in a Bin

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