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Winter Fun: Plan A Ski Vacation with Ease

Ski vacations are a staple of winters adventures across the county. Whether you’re a ski pro or this is your first trip, there are a lot of things to plan. It can be intimidating to survey all the options and pick the best trip for you and your group. Deciding between day trips and overnight vacations can be your first task, with services like NYC Snow Bus that offer a quick trip to several mountain destinations. As you’re getting ready for your next mountain escape, here are a few items to consider to plan a ski vacation your whole group will remember for years. 


Choosing Lodging

When you’re simply looking at hotel rates, you may not be seeing the full picture. Be sure to research what is included in the rate. Unless you’re staying at an all-inclusive or have pre-purchased a package, most resorts will also charge for lift tickets. 

In addition, the location is essential to the type of vacation you’d like to have. For those who want to be close to the action, choose a ski-in-ski-out resort. During prime ski season, these are often the busiest resorts. Places like Park City, UT, and Breckenridge, CO are notorious for their bustling ski villages. 

Near New York City, there’s plenty of options in the Poconos and the Catskill Mountains. Places like Hunter Mountain are popular because of the moderate slopes and proximity to NYC. If you want a more laid back ski weekend, opt to stay in a smaller town or outside the main concentration of tourists. 


Equipment & Lessons

Depending on what equipment you already own, you may need to rent equipment like skis or snowboards. There’s also specialized gear that comes in handy to protect from the winter cold, like goggles. 

If you’re a beginner skier, you may also want to get lessons. Expect at least $50 per hour for a lesson for skiing or snowboarding. During the busiest seasons, it may be even more, so do some research on your specific resort before you arrive. 


Experience Levels

Be sure to research the types of runs you’ll find at the resort and in the area you’ll be staying. Some have more availability for beginners vs. experts. Depending on your experience level, it’s important to pick one that fits your current ability and that of your group. If you have children in the group, find a place to visit with a few bunny hills and beginner accommodations. 



What else is there to do at the ski resort besides skiing? Be sure to look into the other amenities at the resort before booking. For example, there’s plenty of ski areas with great nightlife, spa, clubhouses, and shopping. Take an inventory of the types of things your group wants to do, and plan your trip accordingly. 


Store Items When You Return Home

For those who own their own equipment, you know how much space your ski gear can take up when you’re not using it. Try a valet storage company, like Simplify Storage, who comes to your home to take your items to an offsite facility. It’s as easy as requesting services online and setting up a time for a pickup. This makes it easy to get your equipment out of your home during the offseason, and staying organized for the next year. 


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