Simplify Storage Provides Unparalleled Options for Business Storage Solutions

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Simplify Storage Provides Unparalleled Options for Business Storage Solutions

Business storage solutions have long been outdated, with expensive and inflexible fee structures or lengthy contracts. We’re Simplify Valet Storage and we were born right here in New York City. Even though the real estate market in the Big Apple is complicated and expensive, we believe managing your possessions shouldn’t be. This does not just apply to your home life but extends to businesses who need square footage space and many items to keep their business running smoothly.

Our service is designed to eliminate these hassles and bring the storage directly to you. Organizations of all shapes and industries can benefit from the offsite storage we provide. Here are just a few of the ways that Simplify Valet Storage is changing the game for business storage solutions:

Who Do We Work With?

Our team works with businesses in many different industries, including restaurants, traditional offices, landlords, and more. The common goal of all of our clients is to achieve a tidier office or commercial space that is more functional and presentable for everyday business needs. With the clutter out of sight, employees can be more focused and productive, and businesses can thrive.

For example, if you attend trade shows and have boxes of marketing collateral or the booth assets, storing them off site can help you have peace of mind that the items are packed away and out of sight. It will also eliminate the worry that your items will get misplaced in your office, creating a panic when you need them most.

Frequently, our customers have records that need to be kept on paper for years. Some own equipment or items that are used infrequently and take up space in their office. We’ve even worked with restaurants who have extra catering supplies or that need to clear space for special occasions.

Our team communicates directly with property managers, administrative assistants, owners, catering managers, and much more. If you’re the decision maker on how to manage inventory or organize items in your commercial space, our team has tackled a storage project just like yours!

Filea and Records in Blue bin

Why Valet Storage?

When you think of storage, offsite units are often the first thing that comes to mind. Most business storage solutions require loading up a van, traveling to the storage unit, and dropping off or picking up the supplies. This takes time out of your day and requires a team of at least two people to pick up and unload heavy items.

However, valet storage is a unique service where the provider will come to your home or office. Valet storage companies will pick up pre-packed bins or bulky items and take them to an offsite space. Then, when you’re ready to get your items back, you’ll request a drop-off.

Opposed to the traditional storage unit solution, valet storage provides a great value for businesses. Who has time to take time out of the workday to go retrieve items from a storage unit? With valet storage, businesses can keep their workday rolling and let us bring the items to you on your schedule.

Why Simplify Storage?

While there are several other companies on the market, Simplify Valet Storage stacks up against the other guys. Our roots are in New York City, and we understand the unique challenges faced by residents.

Climate Control

You trust us with your items and we take that responsibility seriously. Our facility is clean, secure, and climate controlled. This means there won’t be any surprises when you retrieve your items. Our team carefully handles each bin or item and takes it to our facility where it’s treated like we’d care for our own items.

Spacious Plastic Bins

Many businesses leave files tucked away in a back corner in unsightly plastic boxes. When you store with Simplify Valet Storage, you can take advantage of our signature blue bins, which are both durable and attractive.

The bins are great for items that are easily damaged because they are water-resistant, spacious and keep items safe from pets like mice or bugs. The bins are also durable, so heavy document won’t break the bin.


Blue bins vs cardboard boxes

Affordable & Flexible

With Simplify Valet Storage, you have the flexibility to get your items back when you need them. There’s no annual contract to worry about, and with just a short notice, you can set up a time to have your items returned on your schedule. Plus, our service starts at just $30 per month for five spacious bins. On a tight New York budget, we understand that every dollar adds up. That’s why our team is dedicated to giving you the best value and service available on the market. Additionally we have business pricing as well.


Simplify Valet Storage has an online system where you can look at your inventory at any time. When you load your bins for storage, you’re encouraged to take photos of each item and assign them to the bin. This way, you can log in at any time and see what you have in storage, helping you stay more organized. When it comes time to reorder supplies, you can simply log on and track how many you need to purchase. And when it’s time to get an item back, you’ll only need to request the one bin back, leaving the rest safe, organized, and out of your office.

Bins and Bulky Items

We know that not every item will fit in a bin. That’s why our service can accommodate several different types of storage needs. For example, bulky furniture that requires two people to move it can be stored in our facility. From bins to full storage units, our team’s pickup and drop off service is still a key piece of every experience with Simplify Valet Storage.

Learn more about our business storage solutions here.



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