Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas for New Yorkers

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Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas for New Yorkers

New York City apartments are notoriously small, and that includes having a cramped and tiny bathroom. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment with a small bathroom, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get ready in the morning. Every inch of counter and floor space is valuable, and we’re here with a handy list of tips and tricks to help you maximize your morning routine. Read up on these small bathroom organizing ideas to keep your space tidy:

Stick to the Basics

When you have fewer beauty products in your bathroom, it easier to stay organized. Everything from lotion to makeup and mouthwash and extra toilet paper will take up space in your room. Once you reach maximum capacity, start going through your supplies and figuring out what you’ll actually need at an arm’s reach during your morning routine. Store only the essentials in your bathroom, and find a place for the extras in a different room. 

If anything is unopened and unneeded, don’t forget to donate to a local shelter who likely has a wishlist of toiletries and personal care items. For products that are more than a couple years old and used, be sure to get rid of it for sanitary reasons. Makeup definitely has an expiration date and collects bacteria, so ditch those old products.

Mirrors with Storage

If you own your home, replace your standard mirror with one that has storage built-in. A medicine cabinet behind a mirror can add extra space for all sorts of odds and ends. There are also mirrors on the market with other forms of storage, like shelving.

Store Offsite

You likely have extra towels for guests and other rarely used extra items taking up space in your house. Get some miscellaneous items out of your bathroom closet by storing offsite. 

Simplify Storage is New York’s easiest and most affordable way to maximize your space. Our team will drop off bins right to your door. Then, schedule a pickup and your items will be taken to our climate-controlled, secure storage center and handled with care until you’re ready to be reunited with your stuff. With one of the industry’s fastest delivery times, our team will drop your items at your home, starting at just $30 per month.

Use the Wall and Door Space

If you can add baskets, hooks, and additional shelving to the room, your counter space will suddenly clear up. There are several command strip hacks to try, like this Buzzfeed list with hacks for your whole house.  Utilize these tricks on the walls, door, and inside existing cabinets for a super tidy bathroom.

Stackable and Vertical Storage

In order to maximize counter space, it’s important to be deliberate in how it’s organized. Use stackable storage units or tall shelves to make the most of your existing counter’s square footage, like this handy shelf.  

There’s also plenty of freestanding storage options if you have some floor space to utilize. For example, this cabinet is slim and can be tucked away next to existing fixtures. It also can seriously add space for things like spare toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and more.

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