Staging a House for a Modern NYC Buyer

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Staging a House for a Modern NYC Buyer

Whether you’re planning on selling a home or becoming a landlord, there’s nothing more important than staging a house. When you carefully style the space, you can seriously increase the earning potential. cites that staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non staged homes. With extra earnings, you can’t afford to not give a great first impression to a potential buyer. We’ve all heard the tip to “bake fresh cookies” before showing your house, but there are so many other ways to entice potential residents. Here are a few ideas to put your best foot forward when you’re showing a home for rent or sale.

Decor to Fit the Buyer

Think about the type of people that may come to visit your home. Are you located in a hip, young neighborhood? An upscale Manhattan apartment? Make the style reflect that of your potential buyer. When someone is making a big decision like moving or purchasing a home, your home should make them feel like they are elevating their lifestyle. Give them something that catches their eye, and makes them pause to enjoy the home. 

But, when in doubt, lean towards neutral items when staging a house. If you imagine a wide variety of potential buyers may be in the market for your home, you don’t want to pigeon hole the house into a certain personality. Stick to a subtle, modern palette to create a blank canvas with small pops of personality or color. The potential resident can more easily picture how their own style would shape the home. 

No matter the personality of the decor, it’s equally important to make the space appear well put-together. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with clean, fresh, and modern items. Set the dining room table, decorate the bed with pillows, place a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, and lay out nice towels in the bathrooms. Add welcoming touches to make the potential buyer feel comfortable. 

If your current decor doesn’t lend itself to staging a house, there are many rental services available, including Cort Furniture Rental, which can be found nationwide. The company offers short term leases on everything from furniture to decor.

Remove Everything from Closets or Drawers

You want your buyer or renter to be able to picture themselves in your home, which is pretty difficult when it’s still full of your possessions. Simplify Storage is one of the most convenient and flexible options to get items temporarily out of your home. If you’re located in NYC, the company will pick up and deliver your items, storing them in a climate-controlled and secure facility. There’s no commitment and low monthly fees to accommodate storage of all types. Learn more here.

Fresh Paint

Nothing helps your space feel put together like a clean coat of paint. Just like your decor and furniture, you’ll want to keep the colors neutral. White trim is always an easy way to pull the entire room together. Light colors will help open up the room and make the home feel like it has additional square footage. 

It also might be tempting to skimp on the paint quality when you’re incurring other costs of moving and closing. But, especially if you’re renting the place, you’ll actually avoid small damages by using quality and scuff-resistant paints. When you’re trying to attract a more discerning or higher income buyer, a high-quality paint will not go unnoticed. This small upgrade can help increase sweat equity and improve appearance.

Outdoor Space

If you have a patio or backyard, be sure to carefully attend to the outdoor spaces. When your potential resident sees a well-kept backyard, it helps them imagine this as an extra space for entertaining, relaxing afternoons with the family, and for pets to enjoy the outdoors.

A freshly mowed lawn and a power wash to a deck will make the house appear well-cared for. In addition, your curb appeal will grow with these little pieces of maintenance.  You’ll also want to set out some pieces of furniture for entertaining in your outdoor space. Add fresh cushions on any outdoor chairs or couches or clean the ones you currently have. Clean the grill and organize any BBQ accessories neatly. Give them the feeling that this backyard or patio could easily become a hangout zone.

Hire a Pro

Whether you’re listing your home yourself or through a realtor, it might be more time and cost-effective to hire a professional stager. Often, they will secure the furniture, decor, and accessories that can entice the correct buyer. Do your research before you start showing your home, get quotes from the pros, and compare how much it would cost to DIY. If the professional can help stage the home faster, you may be able to recoup your investment.

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