Stay Ahead of the Competition by Offering Unbeatable Building Amenities

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What building amenities should you offer to residents?

As a landlord or property manager, the world of building amenities is changing rapidly. Apartment groups are offering outlandish luxury services to remain competitive in New York’s crowded market. While most buildings don’t need to offer a limo package or a 70-foot saltwater pool, it’s more important than ever to provide amenities that your residents will rely on, helping retain residents for the next lease period.

Design your building amenities:

New York City housing has more options than ever for apartment rentals, amenities packages, and ancillary services. As a building manager or apartment living professional, you’re designing an experience that will make your resident’s lives easier when selecting amenities. Here are some things to consider with the New York renter in mind:

Square footage is a luxury:

It’s no secret that square footage has been shrinking in New York City for many years. Everything from the building’s design to valet services can make an impact on your resident’s quality of life when they’re looking at a small space.

Look for partnerships that maximize your residents’ options for storage and organization. If your residents have a clean, organized apartment to come home to, it takes the stress out of their housing decision.

Building services should save time and money:

In the city that never sleeps, building amenities can be a great way for residents to save time. The best services are those that help residents maximize their day, rather than spending time worrying about dry cleaning or grocery shopping.

In today’s market, New York City apartment residents are looking for a property that will make delivery and pickup options seamless for all kinds of daily chores, including laundry, groceries, and more. In fact, some apartment communities offer delivery credits for food delivery services or a front-desk or doorman service to help delivery people connect the resident with their order quicker.

Cultivating a community is a top priority:

Too often we’re relegated to screen time and small studio apartments. Bringing a piece of community and relaxation to a building amenities package can make all the difference in resident retention.

A community feel can be incorporated in a variety of ways, including gathering places, like pool, fitness center, and activities. There are services emerging to provide group exercise classes or personal training onsite for residents. Thinking outside the box on providing shared experiences adds a positive dynamic to the resident’s connection to their building.

Find building amenity partners to help:

As an apartment living professional, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Finding partners to bring high-quality services to your building is easier than ever with a wide variety of B2B services available on the market today.

Simply Valet Storage is the newest name in building amenities, and we take our mission of making life simple to heart. We’ve started partnerships with several luxurious apartment communities to streamline storage solutions for residents. Our goal is to maximize storage space, save residents time, and provide an added value for apartment managers and residents with events. You can more about our service here.

As a partner, your building can receive pop-up events, like masseuse events or wine parties. We’ve hosted top-notch events at The Eugene and One Sixty Madison, just to name a few to help cultivate your community.

On October 11th, we’re attending The Cooperator Expo to share our storage solution with the building services community! If you’re attending, stop by booth (#522) to learn more about our best-in-class valet storage service.

To learn more about the service that Simplify Valet Storage can provide for your property, call us at 888-522-2330.

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