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It might be cold outside now, but the time is quickly approaching to put your winter clothes and gear back into storage for the season. When you’re getting ready for spring cleaning, your closet can be one of the most important, but daunting tasks. By starting now, you can make it easier to tackle your closet and keep your home feeling organized. To prepare for the upcoming warmer months, here are a few tips to rearrange your apartment and to find storage for winter clothes.

Reduce Your Closet First

Before you start storing winter gear, be sure you have enough room to do so! A new season is a great time to reduce the number of items you are holding on to. Instead of re-engineering your space to accommodate more items, it’s important to clean out your wardrobe and cut back on the total amount of clothing you own, especially if they’re not serving a purpose in your everyday life.

Your spring clothes will likely take up much less space than your bulky winter gear, so instead of starting in your regular rotation of closet and dresser, start at the back of your closet. Empty out your bins, boxes, and baskets that are holding your old high school t-shirts that you really don’t need. When you clean out your rarely used items, you’ll make so much more room for storing your off-season gear.

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Offsite Storage for Winter Clothes

Instead of cramming your entire wardrobe into a small apartment, find an offsite storage partner that can make your life easier and help keep your home more organized. It’s a great way to find extra storage for winter clothes, seasonal items, and so much more.

Simplify Storage is based in NYC and serves all five boroughs. The company provides valet storage solutions, which means that they come directly to your home or office to pick up and drop off your items for storage. There’s no need to lug a heavy bin across New York City on public transportation or take a cab. Plus, Simplify Storage uses temperature-controlled, secure storage locations to keep all your possessions in great condition during the off-season. Let the storage come to you starting at just $30 per month. Get a quote here.

Wash Everything Before Storing

Winter clothes go through a lot of wear and tear. Winter coats are one of the biggest culprits as your outerwear picks up lots of contaminants from the weather. Be sure to wash everything before it goes into storage for the winter to avoid lingering odors and dirty fabrics.

Plus, you’ll feel so much better when you have fresh clothes you can simply add to your closet when the time comes. Doing laundry is also a great reminder to empty pockets before sending an item to storage for months. No more losing cash or lip balm for months at a time!

Stash Sweaters in Space Bags

Bulky sweaters and coats can be a pain when you’re trying to swap your wardrobe for spring. Vacuum bags are a great way to compress these items, while still allowing them to be easily accessible when you need them in your home. This solution also helps your clothes stay protected if you’re planning to store in a place like an attic, basement, or a place where you may experience mildew. You can also store down comforters and blankets with these handy space-savers.

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Utilize Boot Shapers

Not everything can be placed in a space bag or thrown into a bin! For items like shoes, compression will make your items wear out faster. For your shoes, simply putting them all into a plastic tote can also cause damage as they will lose their shape. Keep your shoes looking fresh by using individual shoe boxes. If you don’t have the original, these plastic options can do the trick. You’ll also keep pairs of shoes together, instead of searching for their match come winter. For boots, a shaper will go a long way in keeping them looking great for years to come.

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