Team Building Activities for Company Culture

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Team Building Activities for Company Culture

Creating a strong company culture will help your employees do the best work possible, while feeling supported and encouraged. However, a great culture is a difficult thing to achieve and measure. If you’re located in New York City, you know that it can be difficult to slow down and be purposeful about the culture you’re building. Here are some small steps you can take to encourage a great culture and to bring your employees recognition and a sense of belonging. Try these programs, games, surveys and team building activities for work:

Be Proactive

When you are proactive with information or addressing concerns, you’ll earn the trust of your employees. A strong culture isn’t just about throwing great parties. Send out a survey to your employees to gauge their satisfaction and take steps to address any concerns you find in the data. There are several existing organizations, like Denison, that can help you understand the culture of your workplace and where you can focus to improve. Then, you can start planning team-building activities, programming, or other organizational changes that will help meet the needs of your employees.

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While many companies are making an effort to create flatter, more collaborative organizations, it can still feel intimidating for an entry or mid-level employee to find a trusted mentor. Institute a formal mentorship program where you pair up people that don’t work closely together. Be sure to give the program some purposeful structure so there are more opportunities to make it a success. For example, set up monthly mentorship lunches or standing meetings to ensure participation.

Interest-Based Groups

Create groups or host events to help your employees connect on a level outside of work. For example, do many of your employees enjoy gaming? Host a LAN party or a meetup. Do you have several sports fanatics? Recruit a team member to run a company sports team. If you have a company culture team, poll the group to find activities that many of their peers would be interested in participating. These team building activities can help connect your employees who may share interests but don’t often work together.

Office Cleanup

No matter what types of office events or team building activities you’re hosting, the key to a collaborative and inviting space is to keep the office clean. Try an off-site service, like Simplify Storage to remove unneeded items from your workspace. From paperwork to large furniture items, Simplify Storage can accommodate all your storage needs at affordable rates. Plus, the company comes directly to your office to pick up and deliver your items. When your office is clean, organized, and well-designed, your employees will feel a greater sense of pride in their environment and the company. Learn more here.

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Annual Party

A staple of every office calendar, an annual party is a great way to unwind. Set a standing party, like a holiday party or annual company retreat that your employees can look forward to. But it doesn’t have to be all about partying. Be sure to take some time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year, including your big wins. Use the time to announce any exciting company news to make your party unforgettable. Set up a few ice breakers for team building activities to encourage new connections among your employees who may not often work together. For a full list of how to plan your holiday party, click here.

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