The Essential Moving to NYC Checklist

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Are You Moving To NYC ? Here Is A Checklist For Your Move

So you’ve decided to relocate to NYC? Congratulations! Many people dream of making the big move, but not everyone is brave enough to make the leap. Before you head to the big apple, there’s undoubtedly a lot of decisions to make about renting an apartment, moving your stuff, lining up your job, and more. Here are a few tips to make your moving process easier and simpler:

  • Sell Unneeded Items
  • Get Prepped for Cold Weather
  • Apartment Hunting
  • Find The Right Moving Service
  • Storage Options

Sell Unneeded Items

No doubt, your cost of living will be going up if you’re from a mid-size or small city in the US. Get a little extra cash to make the transition by selling items you don’t want to move to NYC. You’d be surprised what people will buy. List things you’d normally donate or throw away, just to see if you get any interest. If you have any large furniture you’re not in love with, sell it and buy something you really want and will fit with your (likely) smaller apartment in NYC.

Get Prepped for Cold Weather

Even if you’re from a cold city, you might not realize how much more time you’ll spend outside in NYC. Walking is a key part of being a New Yorker, so invest in a great winter coat and pair of boots that are equipped for frequent use.

A great North Face, Patagonia, or Eddie Bauer might have a higher price point, but will be worth it on frigid days. A knee length coat is ideal, because you’ll have extra protection from the wind.

Apartment Hunting

NYC real estate moves fast. If you can spare a few days to go up to NYC and apartment hunt, go take a look for yourself at the place. When you find a place you like, sign the lease immediately, because chances are good the apartment won’t be available in a few days.

If you have a trusted friend in the city, see if they’ll be willing to scout or recommend a few places. With so many options and neighborhoods to choose from, having a local guide is an invaluable asset.

If you’re moving for a job, see if the hiring manager can connect you with a future colleague to give you some tips. And don’t let the sticker shock dissuade you. You’ll get used to the pricing. You’ll be in a new, exciting city, and it will be a whole new adventure!

Find a Moving Service

If you’re hiring a moving service, be sure you know are aware of the difference between moving companies and freight lines. While there are a couple different types of services, having movers typically means they’ll give you the manpower to move your items in and out of your home. Depending on your agreement, they may drive the truck for you, and help you unload when you get to the destination.

A freight service is curb to curb, meaning they simply pick up and deliver your items, but are not a moving service. If you have less than a full truck of possessions, they will book your items on to a truck that’s headed in the same direction, and typically give you a window for delivery. It typically takes longer to receive your items in a freight agreement.

Storage Options

Valet storage is a relatively new concept, and you might not even know the option is available. The key difference from traditional storage options is that valet storage services pick up your items directly from your home, rather than traveling to a storage unit to drop off your items.

Simplify Valet Storage is able to accommodate everything from small bins to large, bulky items. Through a simple, online service, you can request storage and bin delivery, set up a pickup time, track your items online, and request a return. If you’re moving to NYC, there’s no doubt you’ll have less space than your used to. Especially if you’re relocating quickly, use a service like Simplify Valet Storage to clear some space while you decide what is important to keep.

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