The Essential Semester-End Checklist: College Storage, Moving Out, and Final Exams.

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The Essential Semester-End Checklist: College Storage, Moving Out, and Final Exams.

Summer is almost upon us, and that means packing up your things and heading home. No matter whether it’s your first year in college or your last, there’s a lot to do at the end of the semester. Especially if you’re going abroad or doing an internship in a new city, packing up while also completing finals can be a stressful proposition. While you’re getting ready to hit the road, here are a few things to consider to make the moving process easier:

Get Organized Ahead of Finals

Get a jump start on moving by packing some of the non-essentials before finals are in full swing. The more you plan ahead, the easier it’ll be to manage stress levels when it’s crunch time.

While you’re doing laundry or tidying up, think about your move-out a few weeks in advance. Start making piles of things to donate, store, and toss. Putting the items in separate baskets or boxes helps clear them out of your mind and out of your way while you’re finishing exams.  

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Tie Up Loose Ends

There are inevitably going to be lots of things to do at the end of the semester. From returning borrowed items to selling textbooks, make a checklist of what needs to be done and the due date. It will make it easier to wrap your head around and to check off items when you have the energy and bandwidth. Try an organization system like Trello or the tasks list on Google Calendar to track your move-out process.


Things accumulate quickly in a small apartment or dorm. Before you leave for the semester, get rid of unneeded or outgrown items as you pack up your things. College storage space is already limited, especially in a city like NYC, so try to downsize as much as you can. Some colleges offer donation bins in residence halls around move-out times. Check with your local shelter to see what kind of items they need, like toiletries, clothes, towels, and more.

A Final Hurrah

Even though there’s a lot going on, be sure to also take some time to enjoy the company of your classmates. It may be a few months before you’re reunited so try to plan time to grab a meal with a friend or say yes to a group outing.

Store Possessions

If you’re coming back to NYC next fall, use a storage service for your furniture, winter clothes, decor, school supplies, and other items you won’t need until next semester. Especially if you are flying home, you won’t want to ship all of your possession. Storing items is a great solution to avoid the hassle of the move out process.

Simplify Valet Storage makes college storage solutions easy by picking up your items directly from your apartment or dorm. Just pre-arrange a delivery of our signature blue bins and fill them with your items. Then, schedule a pickup and that’s it! Get in touch with us next year and we’ll arrange a drop-off. There is no need to move all your items home, and you can rest assured your items will be ready to go next semester.

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