The Trend of Decluttering: Tips for Keeping a Clean House

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The Trend of Decluttering: Tips for Keeping a Clean House

You’ve seen it everywhere in your news feeds and in your queue on Netflix. Everyone is hopping on the Marie Kondo train in hopes that they too will experience the life-changing powers of a tidy home. Interior design trends come and go, but one key piece remains the same. People everywhere are trying to find ways to keep their home cleaner, more organized, and functional. There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean space to relieve stress. Whether you’re following the KonMari method exactly or trying your own process, here are a few things to consider for keeping a clean house.

Eliminating Duplicate Items

Many of us will swap out decor as it goes out of trend. For example, your shower curtain may end up in a box when you opt for a more modern version. Unless you have several bathrooms in your home, there’s no need to hold on to the extra item. An easy way to get started in decluttering is to get rid of duplicates that don’t serve an everyday purpose. Eliminating everything from old towels to unused kitchen appliances is a great start to reducing the amount of stuff in your home.

Sustainable Decluttering

Owning too many items has an ecological impact, because of your rate of consumption of plastics, clothing, and more. Especially after you’ve completed the process of tidying, the way you dispose of items can either add to your ecological footprint or be put to good use. As you’re deciding whether to sell, donate, or trash, think about more sustainable and responsible ways to reduce your stuff. Can something be upcycled? Is there a nearby shelter or organization in need of your items? Can things be recycled? Although it’s tempting to just throw away items after that have served their purpose, be sure to consider the best way to dispose of your old stuff.

Professional organizers

Like Kondo, there are professional organizers in your area to help get you organized and to do the hard work of structuring your storage space. If you’re in NYC, try Embrace Your Space to get the help you need staying tidy year-round. The company can tackle everything from closets to whole-home and office projects. With well-designed storage spaces and a professional on your side to help declutter, keeping a clean house will be easier than ever.

Decorations Ready For Storage

Storage Services

While it’s easy to get rid of old clothes that are worn out, getting rid of sentimental items is a much harder task. For those items that you want for keepsakes or to pass along to your children, get am offsite storage solution to keep them out of the way in your daily life. Offsite storage is also a great way to get items out of your home you use infrequently or seasonally, like winter clothes, camping equipment, and hobby supplies.

Seasonal Storage

Simplify Valet Storage makes it easier than ever to keep your home and apartment clean year-round. The service comes to your home, drops off and picks up our signature blue bins that you fill with your items. And that’s it. Simply request the return of your items when you’re ready to have them back and they’ll be dropped off at your home.

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