The Ultimate Guide to Host a Party In Your Small NYC Apartment

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The Ultimate Guide to Host a Party In Your Small NYC Apartment

You’re all settled in to an NYC apartment and have made it your own. Your first party or housewarming gathering is likely just around the corner. But, if you’re like us, space in a New York City Apartment is cramped and not conducive to hosting more than a few people. When you’re prepping to host a party in your small NYC apartment, here are a few tips to make the most of your space and to make the party a smash hit.

Order In

In a small apartment, cooking a large meal can be a logistical challenge. Instead, order food from your favorite place. Extra bonus points if they deliver. You’ll be able to focus on hosting and enjoying the gathering, rather than cooking and cleaning.

Seating Space

If you don’t already own adequate seating or table space, borrow or rent these items to save money. Chairs that fold or collapse are preferable, especially if you don’t know exactly how many guests will be attending. If you’re hosting a more casual gathering, floor pillows can be a comfortable addition and stretch your seating space without being too bulky.


Revamp your apartment to make it as unique as you are. If this is the first time you’re having people over to your place, take a little time to curate the feel. There are many budget-friendly décor additions you can make in a short amount of time.

Try adding frames to your pictures to give a more mature apartment feel. You can also quickly find some accent pieces to bring the whole look together. Candle votives, throw pillows, and plants are great additions to your décor.

But also remember to keep your valuable and prized possessions hidden away to avoid damage or theft. While you probably trust everyone coming into your home, you don’t want to have something valuable go missing.

Small Space Entertainment

While you probably won’t be having tug of war games or potato sack races in an NYC apartment, there are ways to plan activities or entertainment that don’t take up much space. For example, there’s always party card games, like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? For a space with a TV, try video trivia or playing music through the TV.

Extra Storage

The items you use to host parties are probably taking up space in your home when you’re not using it. Cloth napkins, extra dishes, barware, seating, cookware, and more can be cumbersome in a small NYC apartment with limited storage space.

Stay organized and try a valet storage service, like Simplify Storage to hold the items you only use for the occasional party. It’s also a great way to make space in your small apartment to accommodate more guests. Based in NYC, the company was designed with New York’s unique big city challenges. When you need storage, submit a request online and Simplify Storage will handle the logistics of picking up and dropping off your items on your schedule. There’s no need to take public transportation to a storage unit with your items, and there’s no time commitment.

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