Toy Storage Ideas for Busy NYC Parents

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Toy Storage Ideas for Busy NYC Parents

Square footage is a luxury in New York City, and no one knows this better than parents. If you’re raising children, it’s hard to keep a home clean when you are tight on space. Often, you don’t have a spare room to use as a playroom and contain the mess like you might find in suburban homes. As you’re working to maximize the space in your home or apartment, try reorganizing your home with these toy storage ideas for busy NYC parents:

Re-Home Old Toys

If your home is constantly a war zone to keep clean, start a routine every few months to evaluate which toys get used and which are just taking up space. Twice per year, put every toy away and out of sight. If they aren’t taken out or played with during the next month or two, it’s time to part with them. As children quickly outgrow their toys, be sure to routinely donate or rehome these space-takers. With less clutter and fewer items to organize, there’s no need to invest in more costly services like maids or cleaners.

Selling toys that are still in good condition can also help raise a little extra cash. Try Facebook Marketplace or LetGo when you’re ready to part with items.

Raised Bed

If your child is old enough to have a bunk bed or loft, this is a major space saver for floor space in their room. Create a mini playroom under the lofted bed with shelving and baskets to corral the clutter. If they’re school-aged, this is a great place to put a desk and turn into a homework zone.

Even if a lofted bed isn’t a viable solution for your family, try under bed storage. By lifting the bed a few inches with a riser you may be able to fit storage carts underneath. Especially if you can find a solution with wheels to make them more functional, these will add serious storage space to the room.

Play in alphabet blocks

Catch-All Bins

Every parent likely has these types of bins in their homes already. By putting catch-all baskets or bins in every room of your house, it makes it easier to have a temporary storage solution when you don’t have time to put every item in its proper place. Your house will be presentable with much less effort when you don’t have the time to do a full deep clean.

One functional storage hack is to purchase attractive bins with a lid truly keeps the clutter out of sight and out of mind. There are also several different types of bins that are made to fit on bookshelves, which will also keep the clutter hidden from view. Getting your children in the habit of using these bins is an extremely helpful way to maintain a cleaning routine.

Furniture with Bonus Storage

Repurpose seating into extra storage. For example, instead of having a table with dining room chairs, use a storage bench along a wall on one side. This will make both a comfortable and functional setup for your family and guests. You can use this extra storage for everything from toys to sports equipment and household goods to cookware.

There are also several headboards and bed frames on the market with built-in or pull storage additions. This makes it easier to contain mess in your own bedroom or your child’s room.

Wall Space

Wall space is often an underutilized storage solution. When you’re designing the storage solutions in your home, think vertically to maximize your available space. If there are items you can store out of reach of children, put them on tall bookshelves, high shelving, or wall-mounted pegboards. This will help create more space within reach of your child and make it easier to implement other toy storage ideas.

Remove Closet Doors

While you might want to use your closet as a hidden place for the mess, you’ll be less tempted to simply pile everything into a closet and shut the door when guests arrive. Open storage is all the rage because it actually makes your apartment feel larger.  You can actually use your space more effectively by placing large, well-designed storage solutions and shelving in the open space.

Multipurpose or Transitional Furniture

Make your furniture work harder. Instead of buying furniture that has a single use, find items that can change size or function to suit your needs. A coffee table that folds out into a dining table or a hideaway bed are both great space savers for a cramped NYC apartment. Try getting a small kitchen island on wheels that can double for serving guests. By eliminating the number of furniture pieces in your home, it makes it easier to find a home for other items.

Radiator Shelving

Many of us have exposed radiators or forced heat in New York City. However, this apartment fixture takes up valuable floor space in your home. Put items that aren’t temperature sensitive in a DIY radiator shelf. All you need is a few boards and some paint or varnish to make an attractive and functional shelf.

Valet Storage

Valet storage is a space-saving solution for parents. There are probably several sentimental items you want to pass along to your children, but they’re taking up valuable home space in the meantime. These types of items are excellent candidates for an offsite storage solution.

Toys in Simplify Storage Blue bin

Simplify Valet Storage is a service that sends someone to your home to pick up items for storage, eliminating the need to travel to and from a storage unit. Just pack up your items in a bin provided, and the company will come to pick up your bins on your schedule. With Simplify Valet Storage, every item is taken to a climate-controlled, secure facility until you’re ready to be reunited with your items. Get a quote today!

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