Vacation Checklist for an Organized Apartment

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Nothing is worse than coming home to a disorganized apartment after you’ve been traveling. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to plan before you depart, there are some small actions that will make a huge difference. Whether you are getting away for leisure or work, here is a vacation checklist to do before and after your trip to keep your apartment in great shape and making the transition back easier.


Make the Bed

Even on the best vacations, it’s easy to miss the comfort of your own bed. Before you leave, take the extra five minutes to make the bed and replace any blankets or throw pillows. It’ll feel so much better to dive into a cozy, carefully made bed on your first night back in your apartment. If you do have some time to spare, clean sheets are a huge plus when you get back from a long trip.

Arrange Care for Pets and Plants

Unless you’re planning on bringing your pets with you, look for a reliable pet sitter. It can be difficult to trust someone on your first trip away, so consult your friends with pets who board them often. You’ll likely be able to get a good recommendation from your peers.

Depending on the type of plant and length of trip, you may just need to give them a good watering before you leave. But for longer trips or plants that frequently need to be watered, try a slow-release watering system. You can DIY an irrigator here that will keep your greenery looking fresh and healthy.

plant care vacation checklist

Pause or Skip Subscriptions

Do you subscribe to weekly or monthly deliveries? Especially if you receive perishables, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, you’ll want to be sure to stop or pause any of your regular shipments. Even for your non-perishables, it’s a great idea to skip your delivery so you don’t have packages sitting on your doorstep for extended periods of time if you don’t have a secure package space.

Dishes and Trash

Even if you don’t have time to clean your entire apartment before you leave on a trip, be sure to do any dishes and take out the trash. These two little chores will make a huge difference when you return. You’ll prevent lingering odors from meeting you at the door. These two items should definitely be a part of your vacation checklist!

dishes vacation checklist

Set Back the Thermostat

Before you leave, be sure to check your thermostat. Don’t turn off completely, but be sure to set it to a reasonable temperature so you’re not losing money in heating or cooling costs. Keep the temperature to at least 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to prevent freezing pipes and no higher than 85-90 in the summer. Plus, your houseplants will thank you for keeping the environment at a reasonable temperature. Learn more about energy saving here.

Give a Key to a Trusted Friend

Nothing is worse than an unexpected issue that arises when you’re out of town. In case of emergency, it’s a great idea to have a trusted friend or family member who lives close with a key to your apartment who can help while you’re away.


Offsite Storage

Instead of shoving your suitcase and travel gear at the back of your closet, use an offsite storage provider to free up space in your apartment year-round. Especially if you have items you only use on trips, like snorkel gear, beachwear, or skiing equipment, using an offsite storage service will help you make the most of your apartment without sacrificing your hobbies. It’s the easiest way to take one more item off your vacation checklist!

If you live in New York City, try Simplify Storage, a valet solution that comes right to your door to pick up and deliver your items. Plus, you can stay extra organized with the company’s online inventory system, where you can log exactly what you’re storing. Starting at just $30 per month, Simplify Storage is a traveler’s best friend!

Keep The Suitcase Packed

Don’t let that space go to waste when you’re not using it. Before putting your suitcase in the back of your closet, pack it with seasonal clothes that you aren’t currently wearing in your normal rotation. If you use more than one sized suitcase, buy a matching set that will nest inside of one another, saving you valuable closet and storage space.

Take a Day Off

While you may not be able to afford more vacation days, padding a day in between your return and going back to work will help immensely in your recovery time and jet lag if you’re coming from afar. Plus, you’ll have more time to unpack and return your apartment, do laundry, and start your workweek on the right foot.

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