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No matter whether you listen to rock or hip hop, vinyl is a great way to feel connected to your favorite bands. But, it can be difficult to find ways to properly store your collection when you live in a small apartment. Just because you are tight on space doesn’t mean you need to downsize your records, but it’s important to take precautions to ensure they won’t get damaged. Here are a few tips on vinyl storage, moving, and handling in a small apartment to keep your records in great condition for years to come.

Climate Control

You want to make sure any form of vinyl storage you’re using is located within the proper temperature and humidity levels. Normal room temperature around 70 degrees is perfect for vinyl. If you live in a humid location, you’ll also want to make sure you’re controlling the moisture in the room where your records are stored. If you do store your records outside your home, only use a storage partner with climate-controlled units that can help protect your collection from damage.

Stand up Vertically

Instead of laying them down flat, be sure to stand up your records vertically. They may warp if you lay them down for extended periods of time because of the weight. Purchase a media console with built-in storage or use a crate that’s sized properly for your records. Stackable crates are great, but be sure they’re in a low traffic area so you don’t bump into them on accident.

Another great solution is to use a magazine rack. While they are different sizes, you’ll find that a magazine rack like this one with open sides will help the records stand up and be displayed carefully. This helps you utilize other spaces, like on top of shelves or existing media consoles.

Offsite Storage

Store your collection offsite with a storage partner. If you live in New York like we do, it’s hard to keep all your possessions organized in a small apartment. Keep your favorite records at hand, but use a storage partner to help you keep your collection without needing to downsize because of space.

Simplify Valet Storage makes the process easy by coming directly to your home to pick up items from storage. Plus, every bin is hand-delivered to a climate-controlled facility, helping to prevent damage to your collection. Simplify doesn’t just make it easy, but also affordable to extend your storage space. If you live in the New York City area, get a quote here starting at just $30/mo for five spacious bins.

Preserve Them

Keep them in the original sleeve and jacket. While these may get lost or damaged, especially if you find a relic in a secondhand store, be sure to replace these to keep your vinyl protected from the elements. The original sleeve and jacket were designed to keep your record in great condition for many years, especially those with acid-free paper.

Handle Carefully

One easy way to protect your records is to ensure you’re not grabbing them with bare hands. Be sure to wash your hands before handling and avoid touching except for the label and edges of the record. This way, the oils on your skin won’t damage the vinyl.

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Pack Safely

When moving, stand them vertically with carefully placed bubble wrap to help absorb any shocks or bumps when transporting. Plus, you’ll want to ensure the box is sturdy enough to prevent any nicks or bends in the record when you move it.

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