Wedding Planner Organization Made Easy with Simplify Storage

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Wedding Planner Organization Made Easy with Simplify Storage

Simplify Storage can be a wedding planner’s secret weapon to stay organized. Whether you store offsite with Simplify Storage or rent some of our signature sturdy blue bins, it’s never been easier to keep all your planning materials categorized, organized, and out of the way. Our team serves all five New York City boroughs and comes directly to your home or office to pick up items for storage, eliminating time and effort on your part. Here are a few ways that Simplify Storage is an asset for wedding planner organization.

Organize by Client

With our signature blue bins, you can organize all of the materials by client. If you’re storing offsite, you’ll request just the bins you need to be delivered to your home, office, or your event, if it’s located in NYC. We offer an online tracking system where you can photograph and assign every item to a bin as you pack them. This way, you know exactly what’s in each bin before you request a delivery, so none of your items will be lost in transition.

Organize Samples, Linens, and Other Supplies

Likely, you don’t have space in your home or office for all the table linens, supplies, decor, and other event items. Plus, when your office is cluttered, it can be hard to get inspired while you’re designing the perfect event for your client. Get these out of the way and organized with bin storage, or even a full unit storage. Simplify Storage can accommodate everything from small items to bulky furniture.

Trade Shows

When you’re attending trade events or shows, you can have all your items pre-packed and organized ahead of time. When you take advantage of our online inventory system, you can even note how many business cards, brochures, and other giveaways that you have on hand. You can access this data anytime, so when you’re reordering supplies, you know exactly how many you have stored. 

Plus, if you store with us, we can deliver directly to the trade show, so long as it’s located in New York City. This eliminates the need to lug heavy supplies through the streets of New York on public transportation.

Planning Binders

If you’re already an organized planner, you have binders from your events that you want to hang on to as a record of other successful events you’ve managed. But, you don’t need these on hand all the time. Our bins are sturdy enough to accommodate heavy papers and binders and keep all your documents safe from the elements. In fact, our facility is climate-controlled to prevent damage from humidity, keeping your binders fresh and in great condition.

Affordable and Flexible

Simplify Storage is flexible, with no contract or time commitment. We make it easy to store around your needs, starting at just $30 per month for five spacious bins. We work with businesses of all sizes across several industries to help solve their storage needs. Get a quote today.


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