Yarn Storage Ideas for Small Apartment Crafters

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Yarn Storage Ideas for Small Apartment Crafters

The holidays are coming, and if you’re a crafter, there’s a good chance your apartment is full of gifts and goods for your friends and family. Especially if you’re an Etsy seller or share your products at fairs, you are sure to have an overflow of supplies and finished products cluttering up your home, waiting to be sold. Knitters and crocheters, here is a list of yarn storage ideas and organization tips, so you can spend less time tripping over supplies and more time finishing your projects. 


Reuse Plastic Bags

Before you throw all your yarn into a bin, be sure to individually bag any open balls of yarn. If you have plastic grocery bags laying around, put each ball of yarn in its own bag. Wrap the ends around the skein, so it stays more organized in the bag. Goodbye headaches and time wasted when you want to start a new project! 


Wine Storage Reinvented

A standard ball of yarn and bottle of wine are about the same size. Coincidence? We think not. One yard storage idea that we love is to use old wine organizers or built-in storage. Cabinets or bar carts with wine storage is often a great place to keep your yarn. Plus, nothing goes together better than crafting and a nice bottle of wine!

For a cheaper option, try a cardboard wine box with dividers to keep all your yarn organized. Anything with a cardboard insert to keep items separate is the perfect place to store yarn. Plus, you can easily pack up these boxes and keep them in a closet when not in use. 


Hair Ties

For smaller balls of yarn, try a hair tie, rubber band, or scrunchies to keep it all together. If you have the non-slip variety of hair tie these will work even better. Tuck in the working ends of your balls of yarn and wrap up the skein with whatever you have on hand. This way, you can keep extra balls of yarn in one container without worrying about tangling. 


Offsite Storage

If you’re a frequent crafter, space in a small New York City apartment can fill up fast. Create more space throughout your home and less stress in your life by utilizing an offsite storage solution. Simplify Valet Storage is among the most convenient and affordable options on the market, starting at just $30 per month. The service comes directly to your home to pick up and drop off your items. Read more about it here


Shoe Storage

Shoe organizers are a great way to partition yarn. For example, an over-the-door organizer helps save space while also staying organized. Or, if you have room for another piece of furniture, a tall, free standing shoe organizer is perfect for the serious crafter. This can fit inside a tall closet or displayed proudly in your home. 

For yarn that you haven’t opened, it’s easy to see what you have at hand when they’re in clear boxes. Especially if you’re stock piling yarn from the same dye lot, you’ll want to keep it all together so you can quickly take inventory your supplies. These clear plastic shoe boxes are very inexpensive and will work wonders to keep you organized. Plus, they can be stored and stacked on shelves and in a closet to make the most of your current storage setup. And, if you have other supplies like metal rings, macrame sticks, circular needles, or more, you can easily label these boxes to reflect the items inside. 


Needles and Other Supplies

Never lose a knitting needle or crochet hook again! And, you can eliminate the need to spear a ball of yarn with your needle by getting a case that helps you stay organized and won’t take up extra space. If you sew, make a case that perfectly fits your personality and your needs. There are tons of patterns available online from which to choose! 

Keep your case at an arm’s length near where you regularly craft. A side table or crafting basket is a great place to store all your tools. 


Rolling Cart

Ikea has an affordable rolling cart that can slide out of the way when you don’t want your craft supplies on display. Add some little Ikea plant pots or pencil cups to hold needles and crochet hooks so they don’t fall through the holes on the cart’s shelves. Plus, you can decorate the cart with a pop of personality to make it feel consistent with your home. Think adding lights, knick knacks, plants, photos, and more so your cart adds both function and style.

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